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We thought of creating a page providing you with all the articles at once in all their different categories. It makes it easy for you to take a step back and visualize all we have on the website – all our articles at once. From the Training to Dieting to Controversial, Old-School bodybuilder analysis, Mental Health to Interview categories, all our articles are displayed on this page to learn best about Natural Bodybuilding!


Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting vs Weightlifting vs Crossfit and more!

Kyriakos Grizzly, a rising Youtube fitness legend

How to bench press 225lbs/100kg quickly? How long does it take?

How to make bodybuilding easy?

How to start your natural bodybuilding and fitness journey!

Are you a gym rat? Here are 12 reasons to know if you are!

Dumbbell lateral raises training technique for 3D side delts (at home or gym!)

Dumbbell lateral raises training technique for 3D side delts (at home or gym!)

BEST natural bodybuilding FREE guide and programs

How to look like Rachel Mclish – get a fitness model body

How to grow your glutes for a bigger butt!

How to get big without steroids in 5 STEPS! (REAL FAST)

Seal rows, the best of pull exercises for a solid back?

The definitive guide to Powerbuilding for huge muscle growth!

Doing your first pull-up, dip, or push-up | Calisthenics progression!

Natural steroid like results? sets of 100 repetitions!

The hard-gainer guide: you’re a skinny guy and girls are stronger than you!

Natural bodybuilder starting guide: 30 actionable tips

The importance of exercise selection and specializing as a natural lifter

Should you train to failure? It really depends

5×5 training for biceps or triceps? Guide to get huge arms

Just want to look good with no gym? Build bigger and aesthetic forearms

How to get back into the gym after a long break?

How long can you actually train for in the gym? No natural limit!

The creative guide to home workout with no equipment [101-lockdown]

Warm-up more, way more! How should bodybuilders warm-up?

Stop chasing the pump for muscle growth!

Stick to your bodybuilding routine to avoid stagnation! Here’s why

Should you start lifting weights as a woman? Hint: YES!

How to develop your biceps peak? Not your average tips!

How to develop your biceps peak? Not your average tips!

Are there any indispensable gym exercises?


BMI vs Bodyfat: The difference between BMI and bodyfat in bodybuilding

Protein Powder Vs Real Protein food: do you need protein powder to build muscle?

List of Key Foods to Use in Your Diet as a Natural Bodybuilder

Eat Big to Get Big: controversial words of wisdom?

Junk food in bodybuilding – is it about calorie count to get big?

How to cut in natural bodybuilding: Dos and Don’ts

Are you skinny fat? Is the solution bulking or cutting?

Don’t cut too often if you want to build muscle

Simple guide to nutrition | Adding weight, Losing weight, Bulking, Cutting


Natural bodybuilding podcast with Alex aka the Anabolic sheep

Interview with youtuber Natural Hypertrophy

Jean | Interview of an aesthetic natural bodybuilder

Vincent’s interview | A spiritual fitness model!

Charlie’s natural body transformation |Lifetime natural bodybuilder interview


Is Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics natural?

Is true natural bodybuilding healthy or not?

Can you achieve the Rock’s physique all natural without steroids?

Anthony Mantello: can you achieve his physique naturally?

Fitness youtuber Merijn not natural anymore! Does his honesty hide a danger?

Rob Terry and Mike O’Hearn natural? Generation Iron, natty 4 life

Steroid and testosterone forums: take a step back

How much do bodybuilders make & How to make money in bodybuilding

Natty or not? How to spot a fake natty?

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is right about drug-testing

10 reasons why steroids could end up destroying the fitness industry

Natural bodybuilding vs steroids: who works hard?

Bodybuilders take SARMs like they’re sweets!

Steroids and mental health, the forgotten enemy

Is the fitness industry unhealthy?

Old school Bodybuilding vs Modern: a steroid issue?

Personal training qualifications aren’t reliable | Choose your PT wisely

The natural competitions! The N..what? | Does natural bodybuilding exist?

Are fitness influencers fooling you by capitalizing on “new” trends?

The IFBB to develop in colleges, a (not so) good idea?

Mental Health

Gynecomastia in natural bodybuilding?

Bigorexia or muscle dysmorphia | Do you have the adonis complex?

Old School Bodybuilders Analysis

Get inspired by Lou Ferrigno | Profile and Workout analysis

Aesthetic training workout program to look like Steve Reeves!

Get inspired by Frank Zane | Profile and workout analysis

Get inspired by Serge Nubret | Profile and work-out analysis

Get inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger | Profile and split routine analysis


Bodybuilding Glossary: Bodybuilding Terms and Why They Matter

The best natural bodybuilding federations for natural bodybuilders

How to build a home-gym for less than 700 dollars – The definitive guide

The reasons why you should join your university gym as a student