Are you a gym rat? Here are 12 reasons to know if you are!

Welcome to this article where you will find out whether or not you should be calling yourself a… gym rat!

If you can recognise yourself in some of those scenarios, then you’re more likely to be a gym rat. A gym rat basically just means that you’re a gym addict, a fitness freak…

I will be giving 12 signs which are in my opinion traits which can define what a gym rat is. This comes from my own experience and what I have observed in others since I have started the gym. Have fun reading this article, don’t take it too seriously.

I think I personally am part of the gym’s rat gang, what about you?

Gym rat #1: you check out all the gyms in your area before signing-up

You will research every possible gym existing in your area. You need to find the perfect gym to make these gains. You try to find every picture possible from that gym. If their website does not give enough information, you will find their facebook page to see if you can’t see any pictures there.

You don’t really care about people that are in these pictures, you just want to see if there is that preacher curl somewhere behind in the corner. You will then look up for the pricing, these are not as important, you’d rather wear crappy clothes this year than not sign up to the right gym. 

Gym rat #2: you’re always at the gym

Pretty logical, you’re always in the gym working out. You’re addicted to lifting weights. When your session is over, you stay in the gym to talk to your other gym friend rats. You should go back home study and work… but you’re procrastinating by spotting your friends on the bench-press. After all these years, the gym equipment starts to be impregnated with your sweat, duuh! You’re not at the gym, you’re the gym!

Gym rat #3: you need a gym on holidays

The gym rat will be upset and feel guilty if he does not find his natural habitat on holidays. Whilst your family is looking for the best hotels with swimming pools and view on the beach, you’re just looking for a hotel with a gym nearby, or better, a hotel with a gym inside. You will look up as many pictures as you can, to see if they at least have some heavy dumbbells… well yes, because you’re a strong gym rat!

Gym rat #4: you know all staff and people

Since you’re always at the gym, you know everyone there. From the staff crew to the old grandpas doing half leg press moves in the corner of the gym. You’ve even become friends with the gym staff and hang out with them outside the gym. You might even become a personal trainer at that gym one day. That’s level 100 gym rat there, and trust me, that has happened before.

Gym rat #5: you’re annoyed when the gym closes one minute prior closing time

Sometimes, the gym staff will close a minute or two before the actual gym closing time. You will get upset and try to do a last set when no one is looking. If you can’t do your last set, you will remember this day forever!

Gym rat #6: you found your girlfriend/boyfriend at the gym

Since you are always there, you might as well find your new partner in the gym. A gym rat will want to get with another gym rat. That makes sense, the relationship will be better. Who else than a gym rat can understand gym rat moves? You will schedule your date depending on your gym session. Let’s see each other at 9pm, this gives time to finish the gym session at 8pm, eat, and get ready.

Gym rat #7: you’re thinking about your next gym session when chilling

You’re at home enjoying your meal and thinking, what will I hit next? Am I going to get a new PB? You’re discussing gym things with your gym friends when they come visit you and if you are going out for a meal, it’s for those gains!

Gym rat #8: your playlist is getting big!

You scroll through itunes and try to find the next banger that will help you get your next PBs or you hear a good tune from the gym radio. After all this time spent in the gym and all these musics you’ve heard, your playlist is getting huge and it’s always nice to listen to an old song from when you started your journey.

Gym rat #9: missing one session makes you feel guilty

You genuinely could not do your session and now you feel guilty. You might train twice the next day or eat more to compensate. No matter how ridiculous that sounds … you’re not ready to forget this gym session you’ve missed! 

Gym rat #10: you have two gym memberships

Well, if you don’t want to feel guilty, you might as well get a second membership in a 24/7 gym so you can sneak in your second gym in the middle of the night and get that session done. 3 am sessions, anyone?

Gym rat #11: you know all opening and closing times

You know it better than the staff themselves! What time does the gym open from Monday to Sunday? And what time does it open during bank holidays? How about holidays and summer times? Easy.

Gym rat #12: people come for your tips

You are there 24/7. People even think you might work there. They come at you for some tips on how to improve their physiques. You spend more time helping people than actually working out! Hopefully you have some good tips to give!


Hope this article was fun to read and relatable! If you can recognise yourself in a few of these traits, then you know what you are!! 😉

Honestly though, if you are genuinely addicted to bodybuilding and this has a negative impact on your life, take a step back and try to reflect on it.

Thank you for reading this article and keep well!