BEST natural bodybuilding FREE guide and programs

Hello fellow natural bodybuilders and readers!

You have arrived on the right page. This page contains a little treasure… I have taken time to write a free natural bodybuilding guide which will help you getting started in your journey from being a complete beginner to an advanced lifter. This guide was a lot of fun to write and although it might not be perfect, I do believe the illustrations and text explain well the concept and basics of true natural bodybuilding.


This free natural bodybuilding guide of 82 PDF pages contains almost all I know about natural bodybuilding and also contains beginners free workout routines.

What can you expect after reading “The honest” free natural bodybuilding guide?

You can expect to know how to get started with natural bodybuilding and fitness, how to go to the gym in your first days with clear expectations – all the way to being an advanced natural bodybuilder. You will understand that natural bodybuilding requires patience… but that if you have the right knowledge and tools, the process of building muscle can be faster.

After reading through this whole natural bodybuilding free guide, you can expect to get results within a few weeks time. Four to eight weeks and you will make your first “gains”.

Note that you can also come back to this page and ask all questions you may have related to this guide, in case you did not fully understand the natural bodybuilding concepts and methods explained.

Best natural bodybuilding training tips

Look, when searching for the best tips on the internet about natural bodybuilding, there is a whole lot of wrong information. There is too much information out there and you actually have to find the right info. When you are a beginner, it is very hard to filter. This natural bodybuilding free guide takes you by the hand and gives you the best bodybuilding tips.

The best natural bodybuilding tips are quite simple, they are pretty basic. Today, everything is made more complicated and we receive too much advanced information which is often science based and not very true.

We could basically say that the “basic” tips you will find in this free natural bodybuilding guide aren’t actually that easy to find on the internet… because nowadays marketers want to sell repackaged concepts. No fluff here – this guide goes straight to the point!

Best natural bodybuilding programs

While this free natural bodybuilding guide does not have many programs, it explains very well what a structured and smart routine should look like. There will be a few examples.

You will understand how to create your own natural bodybuilding training routine – which is what matters the most. What matters is that you can be autonomous after reading this guide.

Best natural bodybuilding diet tips

This guide does not contain an exact natural bodybuilding diet routine, but it does explain what you should exactly do to improve in your bodybuilding journey when it comes to dieting. It explains you that natural bodybuilding does not have to be about the classic “chicken and broccoli” diet.

You will understand all the concepts and basics to create your own flexible bodybuilding diet and everything related to calorie intake. We go through macronutrients definitions to understanding adding weight, losing weight, bulking and cutting.

Suggestions on how to improve this natural bodybuilding guide

I would be grateful if you can leave suggestions and good criticism in the comments down below.

I am aware this guide is not perfect and that there will always be things to add to improve it overtime. If you have learnt something out of it and are still left with questions in your mind, please ask them in the comment section.