Can You Get Big at Planet Fitness?

Hi there, natural bodybuilding friends.

Today we’re gonna talk about : Is it possible to get big at Planet Fitness ?

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But if you’re a reader or struggle with my french accent, I encourage you to read below instead of the video !

Understanding Planet Fitness Concept

I don’t have any Planet Fitness in my country (France), but I know in the USA there are a lot of Planet Fitness gyms.

And I know Planet Fitness is usually gonna get a lot of negative thoughts from people – because of the rules there are in these gyms.

But still, there are 20 million people that go there each year.

So I think it’s a big company, and it’s worth talking about a bit seriously – for once ! Because we usually always joke about it…

So let’s have a go !

Understanding the Planet Fitness Concept

Although Planet Fitness is not always talked about positively, I can also understand their concept.

Some people might just prefer to go there : they don’t really like the gym vibes that we have nowadays in most commercial gyms, which is totally understandable.

Sometimes it’s a bit annoying to go in a gym where everyone is literally looking at themselves in the mirror and just flexing, it can get a bit irritating.

Understanding some people do want to gym in an environment like Planet Fitness

So I can understand that there is a big part of the population that wants to go to Planet Fitness.

Even here, sometimes in France, you have gyms where they will make it easier for girls to have their own space – which can be understandable too, as a concept.

It can be quite intimidating to go in a gym where some guys are benching a lot, making noise, leaving the weights everywhere, etc…

Of course, the Planet Fitness concept might sound “a bit silly” for some people with the lunk alarm & other things.

But matter of the fact is that it works well – and there is demand for it. You don’t like it, don’t go there. You want to try ? Have a go !

So why not stop talking bad about Planet Fitness and actually give them a break, by starting to answer our most important question here :

-> Can you get big at Planet Fitness and How ?

Debunking Myths about Planet Fitness

The Planet Fitness concept comes with a lot of questions for those who want to build muscle.

It’s worth debunking the myths about whether you can make gains or not at Planet Fitness.

Because indeed, we’ll see that for example, you might not be able to do some exercises at Planet Fitness that you’re used to in most gyms. You might be limited in some aspects here.

I’m going to be able to answer questions like :

  • Is it possible to get big or not at Planet Fitness ?
  • How do you get big generally, and what is a good exercise ?
  • Are there any indispensable exercises ?
  • How to build muscle with limited weights and exercises ?
  • How to improve in a small gym, because a small gym usually has limited weight.

This article is going to be interesting, not just to answer the main question “Can you get big at Planet Fitness – but also for all these other questions that are linked to this main topic ⬆️.

The Key to Getting Big (Planet Fitness or not) and what’s a good exercise

Let’s do it !

The question that we should first answer is : How do you get big ? Planet Fitness or not.

And in my opinion, it’s always the same : it’s about choosing exercises that are right for you, and that you can improve with in the long term.

You need :

-> Exercises that do scale
-> Exercises that stretch
-> Exercises that aren’t going to be dangerous for yourself

Those 3 factors are the definition of a good exercise.

The Key to Getting Big at Planet Fitness

What we have to do now is answer these new questions below (while not forgetting about the 3 factors of a good exercise we just mentioned above) :

-> What does Planet Fitness actually offer ? What can you do there ?
-> What don’t they offer that you would find in a normal gym ?

By answering these questions, we will see which exercises we can find that would work well for you to improve and get big at Planet Fitness.

So, from what I looked at – you don’t have any racks at Planet Fitness, none that are “free weights”.

So you can’t do any sort of like free barbell type of stuff.

But you still have the Smith machine – so it’s almost the same in terms of plate weights that you can add to the bar as in any other gym.

Then for what’s about free weight dumbbells – there are some, and they go up to 80 pounds, which is probably around 35 kg or 30 kg.

So what do you do with this ?

Adapting Your Workout for Planet Fitness

Now that we know that – that we know what we have at Planet Fitness, we can just look at the three key factors of a good exercise that was talked about right above.

What you will have to do, if you go to Planet Fitness, is to think about what are the exercises that you can do there with which you will be able to :

-> scale up on the weights
-> that is not dangerous for you and is adapted to your morphology
-> and which stretches the muscle

Finding Alternatives at Planet Fitness and Making the Most of Limited Weight

Isolation Exercises for Limited Weight

For example, if you do flies with the dumbbells, although they are up to 80 pounds, I think this is an exercise where you can actually go quite heavy still.

The goal to build muscle when you don’t have a lot of weight, is to use exercises where you don’t need a lot of weight for it to actually be heavy.

And so a good example of that for most people is isolation exercises, like lateral raises.

A lot of people, even when they get to an advanced level, will find 15 kg or 20 kg to be a lot of weight on the lateral raises.

And usually, you can definitely find this type of weight in a small gym or a gym with limited weights.

So these are exercises that you’re going to have to do and that you should look for.

For example, if I was doing legs, I would do split squats.

Unilateral Exercises

A lot of exercises will be heavy enough if you start doing unilateral stuff.

For example, if you have a pair of adaptable dumbbell at home, let’s say two times 20 kg : you might be able to add 30 or 40 kg just on ONE dumbbell.

And so if you have 40 kg with one dumbbell and you do unilateral with that, then you can go pretty heavy on some exercises. Example with one arm curl, 40kg is a lot.

So whenever you don’t have much weight, try to find ways where you will still be able to do heavy stuff thinking of unilateral alternatives.

Unilateral stuff might be a bit more annoying because it takes a bit more time, but that’s a way of making your weight heavier when you don’t have much of it.

You will also be able to find exercises where you can highly scale if the dumbbells at Planet Fitness aren’t enough. For example for split squats, you can do them on a smith machine where you will never have an issue with weight load.

No Indispensable Exercises

As I said in previous articles, I think there is no indispensable exercise.

It’s not because you don’t squat that you can’t build muscle.

It’s not because you don’t deadlift that you can’t build muscle, or that you don’t bench press that you can’t build muscle.

And actually, for most people, they will build muscle by doing other exercises that are more adapted to them and their body-morphology.

There are tons of other exercises that are good, as long as there are the three key factors we talked about earlier : stretch, scale, adapted for you.

Conclusion: Getting Big at Planet Fitness

I think that we can answer and say that you can actually get big at Planet Fitness.

I think anyone could get big there, as long as you can find exercises that scale, stretch, and are adapted to you.

If you are used to bench press, you can do on the Smith machine, it’s not perfect but you can still go heavy.

If you don’t want to squat and you can’t squat at Planet Fitness, you will be able to do split squats with a Smith machine.

Then, you will find other alternatives by focusing more on isolation exercises, or unilateral exercises that will never limit you to keep improving.

You can always find an exercise in a gym like Planet Fitness.

I think if I had to go to Planet Fitness and I had no other choice, I would manage to improve.

I would find ways, and improve over time and be able to progressive overload.

Sure, there are some exercises I wouldn’t be able to do, but I don’t think it really matters.

As long as you can stretch all the muscles and improve.

Wrapping Up

Hope you enjoyed these little reminders and questions I have answered and that this will help you.

So take care of yourself guys, and I will see you soon.