Natural bodybuilding coach & coaching

What does coaching on this blog means?

Arthur here, I wanted to explain you what my coaching is about.

On this blog, I try and give as much free information as I can – information which you can use to build your own perfect routine. I will always try to keep giving as much as I can so you can improve autonomously.

Now, to keep making that happening, I also do 1-1 personalised coaching.


My coaching services help me live, buy food, make gains, running this blog and provide free quality information.

These coaching services aren’t for everyone. I genuinely think that with time, reflection and effort, anyone can learn bodybuilding and build an incredible physique with free content.

Of course, this will take time to research, and even if you have the right information, you might still make mistakes and go through trial and errors.

I am here to help busy people. Individuals who do not have that free time to make research but want to get in shape and improve their body, lifestyle, as quickly as possible.

We go straight into a full personalised 1-1 coaching (nutrition, training) where I explain you everything from the start. We chat every day – you’re going to learn super fast and actually get great results.

This coaching is for those who are motivated to change, individuals who are coming to give it a 100%, just like I will.

If this sounds interesting to you, contact me so we can get real serious!