mike o hearn and rob terry aren't natural

Rob Terry and Mike O’Hearn natural? Generation Iron, natty 4 life

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Most of you might have seen that Generation Iron is going to release their movie Generation Iron, natty 4 life. What does this mean? Can we trust this movie? What will be in there?

Today, there is a lot to question about the new movie from Generation Iron: natty 4 life.

It definitely looks like there will be a lot going on in the movie. Many Generation Iron fans are just very suspicious and do not know what to expect from the movie natty 4 life. A lot of people are obviously saying that Mike O’ Hearn or Rob Terry are not natural, yet, Generation Iron seems to seem to present them as drug-free athletes in the movie.

Mike O Hearn and Rob Terry

Surprising, because it’s almost impossible to give Mike O’ Hearn and Rob Terry the natural status, they’re insanely huge and ripped.

Can we give them a 0,5% chance to be natural? maybe..? no idea.

Are they hiding something from us in Natty 4 life?

Maybe it is just part of the teasing and they are planning to reveal the truth about their fake natty status.

They could then come out of the closet in a smooth way to the public eye?

Because when you look at Vlad from Generation Iron in his interviews, he does very seem concerned about real natural bodybuilders and their hard work too!

It would be very strange to see Vlad push the lies further.

Either Mike O Hearn is really natural or they are going to reveal that he was not a lifetime natural…

Maybe they are just trying to help these athletes out and keep their secret hidden…maybe they’re really natural and genetically incredible…

Are they hiding something from the teaser which will be revealed in the movie?

We will see!