Natty or not? How to spot a fake natty?

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Fake natty: an annoying trend?

It is good to remind that people do what they want with their body. Although, I think the environment we live in can be highly influential for someone to decide to take steroids in our modern days. And if you listen to the majority of individuals in the fitness industry, it’s not that they’re even annoyed by people using steroids – they are annoyed by those who won’t admit it and lie to their audience. 

Right now, you should go on your Instagram account and type the #naturalbodybuilding. You will see that half of the people there are not so natural.

What’s wrong with that?

Taking performance-enhancing drugs is one thing which is fine, but using it to your advantage to sell goods, not so much.

So first, let’s recap…

What’s a fake natty?

If you don’t know what a fake natty is, it simply is someone who pretends to be a natural bodybuilder when he is not and actually using steroids. The fake natural is not that obvious to spot. This is why they are called fake naturals, it is hard to spot them. That is one bad trend in the fitness industry!

The fake naturals are playing at the border of natural/non natural and it is hard to say where they stand. In a way, fake natty physiques are sometimes achievable so that’s not much of an issue. The real issue is that fake naturals do not always have the best advice to give.

If you go on Instagram, there will be a lot of gurus giving you exercises variations which make no sense. You’ll see some doing lateral raises with plates when you could just use the good old dumbbells or using barbells instead of dumbbells for them lateral raises. Wut?

The reasons for that is that performance-enhancing drugs can cover a lot of mistakes made and still give results.

Overall, the fake natties also like to repackage bodybuilding concepts, diet, training programs. They will show you the incredible lifestyle being shredded gives them.

Fake natty right?

If you are getting started in the world of fitness, you don’t want to be fooled by a fake natty!

This article is mainly for jokes – take it with humour!

So…let’s learn how to spot a fake natural! Let’s gooo.

Spotting the fake natty?

#1- They are as big as the best natural bodybuilders out there but their shape is 3d rounded

Their size is the same as most of the big natural bodybuilders out there but their physique is looking like “the classic” enhanced physique. Their shoulders look pretty unnatural just like their traps and it’s all pretty rounded. 

traps and shoulders get huge from using PEDs

It might be harder to spot on pictures, but in real life, these guys look huge when you get closer to them at the gym when they wear a tank top for example. When wearing a normal shirt, it is different, they just look “more normal”. What I mean by that is that I think this is because this 3D shape is not as visible anymore and the massive pump PEDs can give while training is gone.

#2 They usually do the bro-training stuff

Starting the session with cable chest flies or kickbacks might be what they go for. Maybe they are just not very strong for their size, so they won’t go next to some 19 years old student who lifts twice as much after only training for 2 years! Basically, their workout is mostly about getting some good old pump good old fluff!

#3 They have huge shoulders, traps, back, but their arms are lacking.

There aren’t many androgen receptors in those biceps and triceps. Don’t give me wrong, some people on steroids have incredible arms. That’s because they probably care about them and train them hard.

Arms training is tough and if you want to get huge arms, you have got to get stronger and perform a decent amount of volume on them.

If you see someone with huge shoulders, traps, chest but are seriously lacking arms, that is questionable. The “steroid muscles” like traps, upper chest, shoulders will respond well thanks to the high amount of androgen receptors without having to do much, not the case for arms…!

#4 Gynecomastia

Now, it’s important to acknowledge that some natural bodybuilders (and more than we can think of) have gynecomastia. But in most cases, it will be for enhanced athletes. If the previous factors described above are showing AND there is also signs of gynecomastia, then this is a good sign that the person is a fake natty (or not natural). 

gynecomastia fake natural

#5 Bad skin and redness

Most fake natties will start having some issues with their skin. It shows some spots and redness on the skin. Now this is pretty easy to spot and this will usually be people using tren showing this type of physique. The fake natties that are hard to spot will usually be on a few hundred millimeters of testosterone a week. It might not show as much redness as others who will be using more dangerous/powerful drugs.

redness steroids
dick skin steroids

#6 They wear gymshark

Ok this one is a bit of a joke. So many people use gymshark in the fitness industry… we can’t say that they are all fake natties! It’s their fitness models who in most cases are fake natties and won’t admit it for many reasons – like sponsorship. There are a lot of other brands which have a lot of fake natties representing them.

#7 Rapid muscle growth

You were following some individual but this person has recently blown-up like a balloon without specific change to his program or diet? That rings the bell that something is not quite right! Performance enhancing-drugs can help develop muscles much quicker!

#8 They are selling keto diet plans and intermittent fasting programs

This one is not true for everyone and is a bit of a joke – keto diet plans and fasting programs might have their benefits in some situation. But it’s simply not rare to see someone justifying their gains by some of these methods when that is not true. For some reason, it’s often keto diet programs or vegan trends which are used to justify these.

And to be honest, in most cases, you won’t make great gains by being on keto. If someone who appears to be huge tells you it is thanks to his calorie deficit keto diet… there is something wrong out there.

#9 Eyes are popping out and angry look

this might be the trenbolone in action – most of the fake naturals do look a bit too full with some water retention or the famous “moon face” where some fat deposits will appear on the face sides.

#10 They start balding

In most cases, if they are 20 years old and looking pretty damn big and already start balding, you might wanna think they are taking something. This is of course, if you can spot other factors as described in this article, not everyone balding is using something!

#11 They can party much more than you and their diet is quite dirty!

You see that on instagram they are out every single weekend and see them eat some fat Maccies every two days yet they are…

#12 … lean all year around!

In most cases that’s also why someone might decide to start taking something. Because it’s easier to look good at all times during the year. Some of them will surely bulk up the normal way if they want to improve the best they can. But a lot of fake natties will just stay super lean all year around.