ifbb and fisu in bodybuilding

The IFBB to develop in colleges, a (not so) good idea?

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Recently has emerged the idea of a future collaboration between the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the IFBB in order to develop the sport further amongst the population.


It is for sure a great idea! Anyone can only wish that bodybuilding takes a bigger place in younger generations and encourages people to get in shape from their younger age.

The problem: the rise of steroid & mental health issues

We can feel the change in the sport in terms of unhealthy practices – drugs, mental health issues.  Ex-pro bodybuilders often complain about modern bodybuilding and how unhealthy the sport has become. In my opinion, the use of steroids amongst our young generation is getting more popular. You can just feel it when you enter the gyms, people talk about steroid cycles like they’re taking a sip of protein shake!

We can now see more and more articles raising awareness about steroid use, such as this one from the Guardian reporting that almost 1 million brits are now using steroids. Another one from drugfree.org claims that 1 in 20 schoolers in the US (5% of students) have admitted already using steroids in their life. We also just have to go to visit the world’s biggest forum, Reddit, to see how active the r/steroids thread is. 

Trends related to an increase of steroid use in the fitness industry and easy-access drugs like SARMS are some major factors when it comes to affecting physical health but also mental health issues. Bigorexia or body-dysmorphia has clearly taken a toll on society since 2013 and the popularisation of social media. 

Graphics are showing this hypothesis:

instagram vs bigorexia

There is a chance that unless the sport is regulated and becomes more drug-free… it will bring along with it these few issues bodybuilding has cultivated these past years to schoolers and students. From my experience and after spending quite some time in the gym, it is more likely young people are prone to low-confidence issues and that this is one of the main reasons to get started with the gym.

Confidence and self-esteem are closely connected with body appearance and body proportions. We can see very clearly how bodybuilding in colleges could become a danger if measures are not taken precariously.

A healthy future with hope

Will this event have a good or bad outcome?

Are these bodybuilding drug-related trends going to affect negatively the younger generations? 

If no measures are taken, this will most likely happen…

I thought sharing these news would be interesting:

What are your thoughts? Is this something to be concerned about?

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