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Interview with youtuber Natural Hypertrophy

Welcome to this 4th interview on the blog! The difference between the last interviews and this one is that we have it on a podcast (read about our podcasts)! Funnier, if you are not into reading… I am welcoming Natural Hypertrophy which have had a pretty similar story to Charlie or Jean, myself… practicing natural bodybuilding for a decade. There is always something to learn, I found this interview very interesting. I really believe that if you are a beginner, this will help you massively! Enjoy.

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youtuber natural hypertrophy in his garage
Natural Hypertrophy in his natural habitat
Today there is natural hypertrophy, he is a natural bodybuilder and he has got a youtube channel, I’m gonna start asking a few questions to him, how are you?

Good good, just woke up all a bit tired, but I have a day off tomorrow as it is a national day tomorrow so all good!

youtuber natural hypertrophy saying hello
Welcome to this interview!
Sure! So when did you start the gym and what were your motivations at first?

As far as the gym goes, I started going to a real gym just five years ago but I started training 10 years ago. So when I was 15. For me, it was because I was small and short, I was like 5’2 and I did not know if I would grow. So I decided to get bigger somehow and started working-out with doing push-ups and some workout.

Natural hypertrophy when he was a kid
Was doing push-ups enough to improve at the time? Were you doing anything else? Any stagnation phase?

Well, because I started so weak at the time, I don’t think there was much else I could do. Even doing push ups was tough, I could only do push-ups on my knees, 2 or 3. It was really that relationship between the amount of time you can train and the recovery. 

natural hypertrophy when he was skinny

The recovery aspect was good but I could not train for long. I was cooked after 10 minutes. I just did that for 2 years, bodyweight, trying to do more sets and do a bit more time on my sessions. I’d end up doing sessions of 1 hour and that was enough for me to improve during these two years.

Yes I think I can relate to this, starting weak and struggling on the bench at 20 or 30 kg… So then, you started to be able to do longer sessions, I had a period where I was stagnating and I had to learn somewhere that I had to eat more food. 
Did you source some good information from a specific place which then helped you get it to the next level?

For me, I say something a lot which is that I have been on Youtube since the start. I didn’t even have a channel. When I first started lifting there were no fitness channels yet so I could not learn anything. For me, it was about anime and mangas.

MUSCLE MANGA – Shinogi Kureha’s Physique in Grappler Baki by Natural hypertrophy
Oh yeah I have seen that on your channel.

Most of it was not really correct but it’s the only information I had. As for the nutrition, I did not know much about it but I just got hungry through training so I just ended up naturally eating more and more.

5 diet tips for hardgainers by Natural hypertrophy
So you basically did not learn from anyone, it has always been self taught?

Well, when I started doing compound movements like squat bench and deadlift, that’s when I started paying attention to youtube fitness channels because there was more information out there. With the spirit and envy of getting results and actually getting results. You can actually teach yourself what to do.

youtuber natural hypertrophy when he was 18 years old
Sure, so for people who listen to this in english, they might not know that but myself I was following people like Frederic Delavier and Rudy Coia from the french youtube fitness and that’s mostly from them that I learnt how to properly train and eat. 
So now, if you had 3 tips to give to natural bodybuilders who are starting, the best 3, which ones would it be?

For a real noob?


natural hypertrophy giving 3 tips

1- People do not need to go to the gym directly, especially for people who might be a little shy. You can build your body and confidence at home and then you can move on. You can also get an early start on compound movements and progress slowly and learn to practice them progressively. 

But it can be detrimental for people who can’t even do a push up to go to the bench. Because you do not have enough of a base. So you might want to build up a little bit of fire at home first. Study some things on youtube fitness and then go to the gym.

2- You need to be patient with the gym. You’re going to want to compare yourself to others and wanting to match the performance with others. It’s easy to think: I want to lift like this person, I want to look like this person. It’s going to lead to reach to impatience and rush.

Natural bodybuilding takes a lonnng time. You have to be patient. The problem is that people are impatient. You now see things like get 6 pack in 30 days or get huge in 3 years. None of that is gonna work, mostly if you start with baby steps.

3- As far as the diet goes, beginners should not fall for the extreme of “I wanna look super shredded and have abs” or the extra bulk mentality “I wanna go for the dirty bulk and get super strong”. They are going to go for strength and are going to eat a lot. Sure they’ll get strong but that’s not bodybuilding, they are not going to look good. 

Why teens shouldn’t dirty bulk by Natural hypertrophy

They then lose sight on why they started in the first place. Bodybuilding is about looking good. The thing I think people should do is do a very slight bulk and do that for 5-6 years. Because otherwise, people are going to bulk and cut all the time. That’s ok if you know what you are doing but the problem with beginners is that they usually won’t. The issue is that you’re gaining and losing the same pounds and not actually making progress over the years.

Yeah, yeah, I totally agree with that, you have to be patient, although a good thing is that if you actually do the right things it’s not like natural gains have to be that slow, I guess?

Well yeah, at the start it’s totally new and you can make super fast progress but if you think you are going to keep improving at that pace as a natural that’s when people start losing faith. 

natural hypertrophy explaining bodybuilding
You won’t stay “small” forever ;)…promise!

So then there was the bulking and cutting part, I understand as well when you say that. When you cut down too often as well you kinda slow down your progress, so like you said people might wanna bulk slightly instead in the long run. Thank you for these 3 tips.

Another question now, I do not know if you’ve always been motivated, if it was always natural for you to be motivated from your past of being a skinny kid…

But what would you say to people who want to start the gym but are not motivated? 

I see a lot of people on forums like Facebook saying “I want to get started with the gym but I do not know how to do that, how do I get started?”

I do not think motivation is the issue for these people. They tend to have it. I just think what happens is that their motivation fades. It’s like the new year’s resolutions. They go hardcore for a month and two but they quit. They are not able to transform this motivation into discipline. And you know as a kid, I had to do a lot of sports but I never really liked any of them. I did them because I had to. 

Was it sports at school or?

Yes at school or outside school. The thing is that my parents wanted me to do the sports and be active. Because I would only just read books all the time. I was a bookworm. They wanted me to do something with my body. So they’d pick the sport for me or I’d pick it and try. But that’s why I’d never stick to them, I just wanted to stick to reading books.

natural hypertrophy reading a book

I mean that’s quite good to just read books to be honest. A bit of a personal question, but did you want to have to listen to your parents at the time or not at all?

I really did not want to. There were some sports I’d be good at like swimming but there was no LOVE (epic french accent). Surely people can relate, you know when you have to do something and you really don’t want to and you have that anxiety feeling. 

You do it because you have no choice but otherwise you’d skip it. That’s the state of 0 motivation. Then I started to read a ton of anime and my favourite characters were always the most motivated ones. I love sports anime.

This is what fired me to get motivated. I knew I wanted to change. I needed that kick and then I got started. I wanted to be like them. When starting my routine, I’d never really wonder: should I do it or should I not, it was part of the routine and habit. I did my homework, trained and ate. 

It did not feel super intense because it really became part of the schedule. It was then a part of me. That’s where I think people are missing out. People think training is that special thing you do intensely for a little bit.

Young youtuber natural hypertrophy on the beach
Young Natural Hypertrophy before making good gains

Yes, that’s a long time commitment thing. And was it purely because of the anime that you got that fire from or was there any other external factors?

There were so many things. I was so small in height I was 15 and still had not grown. The other kids were all like 170cm. And that’s the thing with my family: on one side there are a bunch of giants and the rest are small. I was on the side of the small part. I got my genes from them. I could not live like that and had to start growing somehow. Also, I had to gain confidence. 

I was never very physical. I didn’t really like it. And that was an issue. I understood that being smart is good but not enough. The world does not work like that, being smart is not enough. People who are more stupid than you are just going to bully you. I needed to get stronger and school was very tough the 2 first years. That was the case at my school where there was a lot of bullying.

Yeah that’s crazy but at the same time very real.

Yeah, and I think the two first years are very tough for everyone because you go from elementary school to middle school and everyone is looking bigger than you.

Yeah that’s crazy I can recall that as well, for myself I was growing in a very peaceful school and then you arrive in middle school when you are 10-11 years old. There is everyone there. You are either prepared or not and if you are not you are getting picked on. I can really understand how you’d want to defend yourself. Thanks for sharing this.

I wanted to ask you as well, we talked about beginners and how to improve. But once they’ve improved and reached the intermediate level, how do they go to an advanced level? Is it because you have to train harder, or have to understand your body better?

I think what you say is correct, you’ll have to learn more and more as you progress. But there is a good and a bad way to approach that. The issue with people trying to go to an advanced stage is that they try and keep applying progression schemes which work for novices but at an intermediate level. 

And the issue is that anything works for novices but those same schemes won’t work in the long run. A lot of people start with strength programs like 5×5 and then they don’t get why they are not progressing anymore at the intermediate level. 

And this is that strength that made you look bigger. But then this strength stops going up, so you’re not getting bigger anymore. That’s tonnage progression and I talk a lot about it on my youtube channel; It’s good to add pounds on the bar but if your goal is bodybuilding what you are trying is to get all your lifts to progress. 

So if you just care about the strength lifts you are not going to improve in terms of building muscle. Even if your strength kept progressing you’re not building muscle. You need options, instead of just doing the powerlifting movements, you might want to add variations. Instead of just training bench and squat and nothing else, you might want to do knee flexion variations, and these variations are going to feed into your progression.

Yeah I think people forget to progress the right way, getting stronger and doing enough volume with that. Do you also think it sometimes just means putting more hours into the gym to progress?

Yeah, and that’s also what a lot of people talk about, “the natural limit”. For me, the natural limit is not biological, it’s chronological, it’s time. At some point you’ll have to spend so much time in the gym that it might not be worth it. 

They have a life yeah.

Yeah exactly. But for sure there are some of those people where I could probably shrink their programs. If they train 10 hours I could bring it down to 7 hours. Their program won’t be bad but you can always modify things, I can take stuff away, replace certain things, change rep schemes, do supersets. Some people waste a lot of time not doing supersets. For example with biceps you should not rest. It’s a small muscle group and you are not tired after 8 reps of curls. You can do that with biceps, you can do triceps, shoulders with them.

Does not doing supersets going to make you tired? 

I think for people who are not used to supersets, there is going to be a transition when it’s harder. But I can say from experience that it does not take away from strength. 

Some people think that because you do supersets, the more you go into it the more you’ll be tired. But if you do supersets well you will not be tired. For me my whole session is a giant set.

I jump from one exercise to the other without rest. For example, sometimes I have 5 exercises in a row, like biceps, shoulders, triceps, lats, upper back (traps, rear delts). The last exercise for the upper back is the heaviest of the giant set. People will tell me :you should be tired, it’s not gonna work. Yet, the full production of it does not reflect as no progression. The results were the same.

So is it also because you only stick to the same routine that you can improve? What I mean by that is that sticking to the exact same routine offers you landmarks. Do you think you’d still improve if you were switching that program or order of the exercises too much?

For me there are two questions there. For the first part, I think you always progress better on the first thing that you do at the start of your session. Strength work. That should be its own thing. You should rest and do the normal thing, don’t superset it.

A lot of people wanna apply that logic to everything they do. Why would you wanna optimise so much for biceps? You don’t need to rest so much. Even if you progress a little bit less you will still improve on supersets as a whole. So in total you get a ton more volume from it. 

As for switching programs, switching often is not good. Because you end up relearning the movement patterns. People who do squats and then they stop squat but restart. They need to re-learn. They think they improve but they don’t, they’re just regaining what they’ve once gained and then lost.

Yeah it’s back to ground zero. And so at your level now how much do you train? As a natural bodybuilder and after long years of training, you are more resistant to training right?

Between 12 and 17 hours a week.

So about 2h30 a day? 

It’s basically 2h30 to 3h30, 6 days a week.

If you say that these days online you’ll be accused of being on gear. I used to train a lot as well but now I focus more on the blog. The issue in the natural world is that there are two sides. 

Some will not think they can do anything and others will just end up believing they can do whatever and train too much and maybe even injure themselves. Do you get the accusations of steroids a lot?

Yes I agree that’s why I think “natural bodybuilding is in danger” because some guys do not have any standards and others think everything is possible. They are both incorrect. 

Something I am sure you have heard before mostly in the french fitness community is the myth of the “1 hour training maximum”. 

Haha yeah or 45 minutes.

Yeah, saying that more than an hour and it’s not beneficial anymore… They talk about stress hormones and base this idea on stupid scientific researches but it makes no sense at all. It’s like if you ask me to put my 3 hours workout in the 45 minutes I would have to be a powerlifter world record holder.

Yes anyone listening to this podcast, please do not listen to this type of information, the 45-1hour myth.

This makes me think, what do you think about science in bodybuilding? 

I think practice and experience and just listening to good natural bodybuilders is something people should listen to and not science. 

Don’t you think science is all over the place and should not be listened to as much as people say?

A big reason why I started the channel is because I was seeing this big movement of bodybuilding science and fitness science youtubers. But to me that is not something which works and helps the coming generations of natural bodybuilders. If this was to be what will teach natural bodybuilders the right way of training, I would have had no problem with it.

The issue is that I see the exact opposite. In fitness, you see a lot of skepticism which is good. But you generally don’t see any of that in science. People will follow science blindly because it’s always seen as the holy grail. 

But that is an issue because a lot of studies get disproven after 2 years. And even when they are not disproven and they stand, everytime I read one of them I find things which don’t really make sense. Like you said it is made on noobs, with different standards, intensities. All of that is not as rock solid as people think. 

The other issue which I talk a lot about in my channel is that it gives people a weird sense of false confidence. They’re gonna use this study like they have done it themselves. For me the experience that you get is always more valuable. These scientific studies give people the feeling that they’re correct even though they have never tried it. It’s natural and logical, people always want to be right. 

Yeah for sure, and you can literally go on the internet and find studies which say something and the other something completely different. Like you said I think it’s then better to trust experience more than science in some cases.

Now I also wanted to go into some sort of controversial topics. My first question is: Greg Doucette, should you listen to everything he says?

Interesting. So I’ve known him for a very long time. He has had a channel for 7 years. I found his channel super early on when he started. When you look at the evolution of his channel it’s changed a lot, his style evolved. Now it is a lot of drama and response videos. He does that because that’s what works nowadays on youtube. 

That gets him subscribers and that’s how he makes money. That’s fine by me as long as what he says is correct. I think a lot of what he says is correct. He says this in an inflammatory way but people then listen to him, so it’s good. Everything about calories in/calories out is basic. 

Most people should know that. The problem is that most people do not even know about this and are complete beginners. People like us will say anyone should know that.

Yeah, some don’t get it at all

It’s not as simple as you might think. And it’s good that some people like him with a lot of visibility can do that. It even becomes a meme, for example the “train harder than last time”.

It becomes a joke but when you think about it, that is progressive overload. 

You don’t wanna be the guy who benches 135lbs for a year. When you think about pro bodybuilders, none of them really talk about that, they all say “don’t worry about the weight and just pump it like that”, which does not work.

Yeah, it has a lot to do with the gear as well I guess…

So that’s one good thing about him. After that I think there are things I am not on board with. He has a tendency to embrace the “a calorie is a calorie” mindset. Eating sugar is fine. If you need to meet your macros I am not totally against that but he is talking to beginners. And beginners are not the ones you want to encourage to eat junk foods. 

Yeah they’ll chase the brownies if you tell them that!

It’s good for that majority of people who think they have to get on the chicken and broccoli diet. They’ll just burn out because it’s not sustainable. For the training advice it’s good but as always there is some hypocrisy in gear. 

If you trusted your methods of training you would not need to be on gear? It always opens a wound because if you want to be a pro bodybuilder you need to take these products there is no way around that because they all do. 

But then these guys transition to giving advice to natural bodybuilders which does not work. So when I look at pro-bodybuilders training and giving advice I always raise an eyebrow because I am thinking, wait, did you get these shoulders from training or?

Haha, yeah or from the fact you have injected testosterone in the shoulder. 

Yeah right!

Yeah that’s crazy, one thing about Greg Doucette which is kind of ok is that he is on gear but still kind of gives good advice to people who are natural so like you said he mentions progressive overload and calorie intake and everything. 

Maybe for beginners it’s not the best way but he still explains it ok. And there is another guy in the fitness industry called John meadows, I don’t know if you know this youtuber?

Yeah, I like him a lot.

youtuber John Meadows, picture of his birthday q&a
Youtuber John Meadows

He definitely does give good advice to natural bodybuilders. So that’s the thing, there is a majority of steroid users you can’t really listen to, but there is a minority that could probably still help you. 

So that was the question for Greg Doucette. 

Now, I want to talk about one of your best friends, this is . If you (the audience) have been bodybuilding for a while as a natural bodybuilder you’ve definitely come across the alpha destiny analysis and the natty or not website. 

screenshot of nattyornot website

That’s all a bit crazy to me, do you think the guy does this because he thinks like that or because he knows it is going to bring up controversy?

Well, the mindset that he shows I have no way to know if he thinks like that. Like you said he might just be a very good marketer. Because the way he thinks is appealing to a lot of people. That’s why I started talking about it on my channel. 

As we said before about science, this is the type of guy who uses science to back up his thoughts. Just a little bit of logic is enough to disprove it all.

You don’t even have to bring arguments, the guy contradicts himself in the same sentences. That was a goldmine for me to use that for the channel to contradict him and motivate people.

This website is all about justifying why you don’t look good. Instead of them helping people by saying X person is on something and be careful not listening to them because that might not work for you, which I do on my channel, they flip it around and tell you that some people are non-natural (even though they are) and therefore you can’t reach their level…

So he says some natural bodybuilders take PEDs because they have a good level and so you’ll never look like this… now it’s self defeating. What impact do you have? It’s negative. You are just killing people’s hope. 

I agree, and I have seen some crazy comparisons on the website like, I don’t know, it could be Jeff Nippard compared to Serge Nubret. And he’ll say “listen, they’re the same”

And there is one thing with what you said. I don’t think people realise the difference there is between these people. I don’t think they realise how big these bodybuilders are. If you take Serge Nubret for example, he is the same height as me and same weight, but if you put him next to me, I would look like a child. 

So when people use these raw stats, that really does not work like that. You can’t just say one is on drugs and because the other one weights the same he is too.

Definitely not. 

youtuber Natural hypertrophy compared to Serge Nubret
Natural Hypertrophy wins the thumbnail game though!

Now I wanted to ask you something, if I had to guess I’d say you wouldn’t. If you knew for a fact you had superior genetics and you could make it to the Olympia, would you take performance enhancing drugs? 

Or would you not and say “nope I want to take care of myself even if I could have a career like Ronnie Coleman”.

youtuber natural hypertrophy next to Ronnie coleman

You can never know but even if I knew for a fact these products would make me blow up… I would not do it. For health reasons. It depends some people are more resistant. But it’s not even just taking risks for myself, it’s also for my family. No amount of money can buy your health and life.

Let’s keep in natural!!

Yeah probably not…unless we find some AI stuff I don’t know haha

And you know that’s one thing people don’t get about pro bodybuilders, it’s that when they disappear they don’t go live on a farm with their dogs, most of them die, they’re not going on vacations. 

The second part for the natural aspect which is more spiritual is that I see the progress I’ve made by myself and want to see what my body has in store, just with myself, food and training.

So yeah, that’s the natural limit which does not really exist if you push it really far!

Deleting this theory forever

Right, we are finished with the controversial part! 

Now I wanted to ask some fun questions for the end. Who is your favourite fitness youtuber apart from yourself? (lols).

Maybe you are not the one who loves himself the most, but probably?

For american fitness youtuber, I would say alpha destiny!

youtuber Alexander Leonidas known as Alpha Destiny
Youtuber Alpha Destiny

Yeah doesn’t he speak french as well? 

Yeah probably he is from Canada or something.

And then for french I would say, which by the way I don’t think they give the best advice but are funny and love watching them. Efkan, fromhumantogod!

Oh yeah! So that’s a bit controversial there but do you think he has ever touched drugs? Efkan

No! He is a funny guy but I don’t think so

Youtuber Efkan known as fromhumantogod
Efkan: French youtuber

You know I used to hang out around superphysique (french forum) and one of the guys from the forum accused me of being on something and he said you’re just like these guys on youtube, Efkan, I was like, I don’t even think this guy is on steroids. 

That’s why I just wanted to know your opinion on that.

Yeah I would put money on him that he has not touched drugs.

Haha hopefully that’s a good bet, it should be!

This French youtuber Natural Hypertrophy mentioned has made a video with Mike O’hearn

Now that’s something that when I look at your videos I am a bit jealous of that, the home gym you have is absolutely huge. I’ve got my little one but not as big as yours for sure.

How did you build your gym, was it second hand? How did you do it? Where to look to get this stuff?

The entire home gym, I knew I needed one. Because I was moving from one place to another. And where I was before was 5 mins away from the uni gym. The closest gym now is 2 hours away from where I live because I am now living in the forest. 

I knew I was gonna move so I planned everything you know on a plan, how much hum, (food?), hum, space I would have in my garage for the gym. One day there was nothing the next day everything was there. I installed everything in one day or two. I always went for the highest quality for the cheapest price. 

What’s your favourite muscle part and can I have a guess? Biceps?


Youtuber natural hypertrophy showing incredible double biceps pose
Natural hypertrophy’s “swole swans”

(Follow him on instagram here)

So were you good at biceps genetically or you learnt how to train them?

You’ve got short, long biceps? In between?

In between yeah. So for biceps I never had good genetics. I always had small arms so I would train biceps everyday. When I say that to people they don’t really like it. The possibility of building muscle by training it everyday does not really exist but surprisingly it did. 

Surprise surprise. The second I got dumbells I would do curls everyday and not just curls, cheat curls. I did not know the difference to be honest. I saw the bottom portion of the curl was the toughest and if I gave an impulse I could get more weight up. 

So everyday I would do cheat curls. So I did that everyday for 3 years, everyday, 1000 days.

But would you do it everyday in a way like powerlifting mode so you mainly do strength and then thanks to that strength you gain you then use volume on other days or would you just blast volume everyday?

For the first 5 years of my training it would just be cheat curls. with a low rep range at high intensity.

So the recovery was ok though? 

Yeah and I don’t encourage people to do that. If you think about it it should have led to injury. But I did not get anything, not even tendonitis. The recovery was flawless.

Yeah it does not “sound natural” to advise people that but that was good for you and I guess in a way everyone is different and if you don’t get injured that’s a very good story to tell and try to experiment.

Your best natural bodybuilder and your best enhanced bodybuilder?

You know that’s the thing with natural bodybuilders, I don’t know many.

So you know if I had to choose that would be Lucas Gouiffe from French youtube fitness and a less known guy called Hersovyac.

Youtuber Lucas Gouiffes on a bodybuilding cut
French youtuber Lucas Gouiffes

Oh yeah! I remember this guy from the forums (french forums), he was on the forums.

He also has a good physique. Those two I really like. Lucas tends to be more on the shredded side. I prefer the fluffy bulky side of bodybuilding. 

So you prefer the bulky side of bodybuilding, but I can see you have some kind of a beard. I don’t and the problem is that I get everything (fat) in my face lol. I don’t know about you?

Well you know there is bulk and bulk, for me when you go to like 18-19% body fat, it is a bit much, because you are leaving too much definition on the table and that’s what bodybuilding is. But as well when you go too low 8%-9% it’s not good either. 

Yeah definitely you get depressed.

So in between, 14-15%, that’s your thing?

Yeah, right now for example I am at 16-17%. People don’t believe me when I say that.

Oh yeah? Are you not at 14-15% rather?

No I am for sure around 15 ish!

Natural hypertrophy is on instagram
natural_hypertrophy on Instagram

Haha it’s because in these videos you are well pumped with those cable flies, so yeah 16 sounds fair enough.

What everyone gets WRONG about bodyfat by Natural Hypertrophy

So last question, what’s your goal by the end of 2020?

I don’t have short time goals like this because I have always found that natural bodybuilding is for life so what’s the point of having short term goals. As far as I am concerned, 2020 was a bad year so I am really excited for it to end. 

So I have certain strength numbers I want to reach that I know I should get. There are 5 plates deadlift. I hope that I will be able to compete at one online competition too.

So what do you mean by online competition? I did not know that existed, not sure what it means? Is that a coronavirus invention?

It’s always existed actually, the thing is that you don’t make money so people don’t wanna do it. And then there is the issue of other people not being on the same continent who can participate right?

Well by confidence you mean?…

Hum, I said continent, they don’t live on the same continent.

Ohh, so if it is online though is it a problem that it is not on the same continent or?

(What he meant and I did not understand is that real competitions which are not online obviously are hard to participate to if they are not on the same continent).

No that’s actually a good thing, because the one I wanna participate in is actually by Lucas Gouiffes. He does one every year and that’s great, I can shoot a video and send it to him.

Oh yeah, I see now, so is it the same as Nick strength and power?


Screenshot of Nick Strength and Power golden era online competition
Example of an online bodybuilding competition by Nick’s strength and power

And would you do your own online one?

Well I don’t really have the platform for it, but if I am going to do one I am going to give natural bodybuilding more visibility.

So that was it for today, I think we’ve had some good tips and information that needs to be learnt by a lot of people in natural bodybuilding and hope this was also a bit entertaining with all the controversial and fun questions. 

So I wanted to thank you for being here today and that was my first podcast. I tried to do my best, it was not very easy but I think that was alright in the end.

Yes, it was good!

I don’t know about you if you’ve done one before?

Mmh no, never!

So yeah that was a first.

Well thank you for this and hopefully people will like that!

Key points to remember about this podcast with Natural hypertrophy

  • Push ups can be enough for a start. These type of exercises will be hard and enough if you are a real beginner.
  • If you have the spirit and really want to improve you will eventually figure out the ways
  • Eating enough might not feel natural at first but hunger will eventually come from training. If not, don’t forget that you might slightly want to bulk.
  • You can build confidence training at home before before going to the gym
  • You have to be patient, set your goals for the long term, the process will get easier
  • Don’t fall for the extremes in nutrition, remember you want to look good and healthy
  • Beginner gains can get quick but it won’t last forever, just do not lose faith and educate yourself as soon as you can!
  • Motivation is not the issue, you have to be able to make it a habit. Training well is important, as soon as you get results you will get hooked.
  • Anything that can get you motivated, take it with you, like Natural hypertrophy and the animes
  • Get tougher, life is tough! Natural bodybuilding will help you.
  • You never learn enough, as you make progress there is always something new to learn.
  • Get stronger, always try and get stronger but don’t forget to do volume and variations of compound movements
  • The natural limit? It does not exist, it’s not biological, it is chronological 
  • Try and shrink your program the most you can as long as it is still efficient
  • Supersets are a great way of saving time, mostly for muscles like arms, you will get used to doing them and won’t lose strength or get tired like you might think.
  • Focus at the start of your session on what you want to improve the most on!
  • Training 2-3 hours a day at an advanced level is possible. Don’t listen to the theoretical or scientific ”45 minutes maximum studies.”
  • Don’t fall for the dark side of natural bodybuilding of having either too low standards/too high standards.
  • Science is not really accurate in natural bodybuilding, it gives a false sense of confidence. 
  • Enhanced athletes can give you bad advice, their training is not adapted to natural bodybuilders. You could listen to very few like Greg Doucette or John Meadows though.
  • Don’t view a calorie as a calorie. Yes, try and reach your calorie count but try and do it healthily and with the right macro diversity if possible.
  • Don’t read the nattyornot website if you want to be a top natty bodybuilder!
  • Think 40 times before considering taking PEDs, some people like Natural hypertrophy would never sacrifice their health even for an Olympia title!
  • Home gyms are great to have if you can, you’ll be fully focused in your session and it saves you time.
  • Check out Natural hypertrophy channel to learn about his biceps story. You don’t have to reproduce the biceps everyday for 3 years but if you think there is something to get out of it then go for it.
  • You can look pretty lean at 15-16% body fat. Work on getting thick abs and thick muscles in general.
  • Online bodybuilding competitions exist, do consider them during this weird lockdown period!

If you don’t have enough of Natural hypertrophy… let’s finish this interview with his full story on video!