The natural competitions! The N..what? | Does natural bodybuilding exist?

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Hi there, Arthur writing this article!

Today let’s talk about how great natural competitions are!

Nah, more seriously, I am not sure how to approach this article. The concept of natural competitions is awesome, unfortunately, they’re not so natural.

Drug testing is not accurate

Let’s be honest, drug testing isn’t the most accurate of sciences. Plus, performance-enhancing drugs have become so popular that no organisations are genuinely able to cope with drug-testing. The world natural is often a lie when it comes to competitions. Because of poor drug testing, these all-natural competitions aren’t actually all that natural. When you are competing, you can never be sure whether or not you are facing “equal” opponents.

drug testing in bodybuilding is not accurate

It’s easy to pass drug-testing

People who use PEDs can pass the test because it is easy to fool it. They might have used performance-enhancing drugs for 10 years and just stopped at the right time a few months before the show. The drugs are out of their system when they take the drug-test. A lot of natural bodybuilders who have trained hard and naturally to compete are left struggling in unfair competitions.

drug testing in bodybuilding is easy to pass

It’s a sad state of affairs when natural athletes can’t get rewarded for their hard work. This certainly slows down the natural bodybuilding world. Many times, I’ve heard people say that they want to compete and want to stay natural but will go start taking performance-enhancing drugs just so they can stand a chance against the rest of the competitors. That’s something that as natural bodybuilders we should never feel that we must do. Resorting to steroids in order to place in competitions is not the way forward if this was not a first choice.

Natural bodybuilders going for non-natural shows?

Lately, it’s easy to come across quite a lot of people sharing their stories on how they have felt there was no point in doing natural competitions as the competitions so often aren’t natural. They’re then forced into feeling that they might as well start their first cycle. This is incredibly concerning as this “if you can’t beat them join them” attitude sometimes isn’t their first choice or in their best interest.

Many regret it afterward. Jumping on the other side of the bodybuilding world can lead to dire consequences from which there can be no coming back. On the other hand, some people may argue that the use of performance-enhancing drugs can be beneficial if it is controlled and done in the right way. This is hardly believable.

Perhaps if you are doing so, it’s in your best interest to try and do it “the right way”. But feeding your body with these drugs even by controlling won’t change the fact that this is poison. The idea of training and getting fit is to lead a healthy lifestyle, steroids will help you getting huge but they are not the way to achieve that.

Obviously the less you take, the fewer the risks there are – but even in small quantities, these drugs can still cause permanent damage to your body. That is very true in the case you are not genetically ready to take these drugs.

Is that risk ever worth it?

If you wish to lead a healthy, successful fitness journey, the answer in most cases is no. Everyone is different, some people are able to handle the drugs better than others. If you’re not genetically able to handle them, even in small quantities, you will know soon enough and by then…

Who knows what damage has already been done?

taking steroids is risky

Even if others are using PEDs and try to insist that controlled use is safe to use, you should ask yourself if that sounds right? Many times we can hear IFBB pros like Greg Doucette on Youtube saying you can take steroids safely.

Greg Doucette advice is great for bodybuilding, no doubt. But perhaps at 44 years old of age, it is still a bit soon to say that PEDs won’t affect his health at all. Let’s hope it won’t, but the past has shown it is not rare to see bodybuilders seeing complications in their 50s.

Basically, just reconsider again and again whether it is worth going for non-natural competitions.

natural bodybuilder aesthetic pose

It’s easy to get discouraged from competing 

So many natural bodybuilders want to compete! However, it’s easy to get discouraged from doing so.

If you’ve done a cut, you know how hard this is. Going for a 5 months cut only to lose to someone who has been taking drugs for 2 years is something to expect! It does not make sense and it isn’t very fair.

Otherwise, the solution is to go the non-natural route.

bodybuilder disappointed

That’s a big step that in many cases can come at the cost of your health and future prospects. Taking drugs just to get one step further will never be an option for some people. This is a respectable decision which can leave you at frustration. Now for those hesitating on what to do. It’s good to remember before that it’s easy to look at social media and be tempted to take performance-enhancing drugs.

The ugly truth is often hidden.

It’s good to take this sort of information with a pinch of salt and actually make a very personal decision. The cost might be for your health as well as your wallet. That is some expensive lifestyle!

As long as the decision makes you feel good, there is no issue!

More knowledge is key?

I believe the natural bodybuilding world could be more knowledgeable. Most of the tips out there seem to be coming from non-natural bodybuilders which in most cases is different from training as a natural bodybuilder.

This makes it difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and what kind of results you can expect. Those bodybuilders with great genetics and a good response to the drugs in some cases simply don’t have to do as much work to get much bigger than any size a natural person could ever dream of reaching.

Those using the same training techniques without performance-enhancing drugs are never going to see the same amount of progress as those who might have made the choice to use them.

knowledge in bodybuilding

This leads to natural people not pushing themselves because they aren’t motivated to do competitions. Going to the gym is just a hobby. Although in many case, it feels like people wish bodybuilding would be more than a hobby. Lifestyle gets in the way and the drive to compete and climb to the top is not there. If there were greater rewards and a bigger audience in natural bodybuilding, I believe that maybe more gym-goers would try to make a living out of it and train longer and harder in the discipline, which could lead to bigger communities and better knowledge.

Natural competition organizers probably are doing their best to improve the knowledge that’s out there and increase the popularity of their events with the natural training community… It’s not an easy task and it comes at a great cost. It’s something that the community and industry have to work on together as a whole to eliminate the problem.

If one day like me you wish to go to fair natural competitions, we can all do our part by encouraging natural bodybuilding!

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