Natural bodybuilding podcasts

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As you can see from the title of this article, these are some very exciting news about an upcoming addition to the NaturalFlex information platform in the form of a brand new podcast all about natural bodybuilding and fitness!

You can directly listen to the available podcasts or continue to read what to expect from the podcasts!

Why deciding to start natural bodybuilding podcasts?

In recent years, podcasts have become hugely popular with podcasts about virtually every topic imaginable and multiple streaming platforms on which people can access them. From science to well-being to politics, there are podcasts for everyone out there. So, how have they suddenly become so popular and widespread? There are a whole range of reasons, but we believe that the main ones are how informative they are whilst remaining entertaining and generally light-hearted.

That is why the exciting decision to launch a NaturalFlex Natural Bodybuilding podcast was made: to make educational, entertaining content available to you wherever and whenever you fancy listening to some interesting discussions or learning from people with years of experience in natural bodybuilding! If you are interested in learning more about what our natural bodybuilding podcast will involve and why you should listen to it then keep on reading and we’ll tell you!

Understanding natural bodybuilding quicker

Listening to bodybuilding and fitness podcasts is great for anyone who is interested in natural bodybuilding, whether you are a complete beginner or have been practising the sport for years! Sure you can learn lots about natural bodybuilding from online research and reading, but listening to people from all walks of life discussing their personal experiences will help you to understand the realities of natural bodybuilding so much better and make it feel more like fun than a chore or like studying.

Hearing about their experiences, their top bodybuilding tips and where they went wrong will not only be an interesting insight but will help you make informed decisions and deepen your understanding of the sport and its challenges. The key to a successful bodybuilding lifestyle is gathering a wealth of information in as many forms as possible, so listening to people who have real life experiences as well as people who specialise in certain subjects talking about all sorts of topics will be very complimentary to the knowledge you have already acquired.

An enjoyable format to keep you motivated in your bodybuilding and fitness journey

Making this type of content available to our audience in an enjoyable format is very important at NaturalFlex because from experience, natural bodybuilding and fitness in general must be about having fun and enjoying the process. If you aren’t genuinely enjoying your bodybuilding journey then, chances are, you won’t stick to it when things get tough. If it begins to feel like an obligation that you have to pursue, rather than a commitment you are making to look after your body and personal development, then it is going to be so much harder and so much less rewarding to follow your plan in the long-run. You need to keep the initial excitement and interest going to remember why you are doing it.

Being able to put your headphones on, relax, listen to some people chatting about a topic that you are passionate about and learn at the same time is the best of both worlds! The most knowledgeable people you come across in the bodybuilding world are those who listen to others and are selective in which pieces of advice they choose to apply to their own practises. Why not listen to all of our guests’ words of wisdom and cherry-pick the best bits of each to make yourself the most efficient, effective lifestyle and training routine possible!

What will the podcasts entail?

We will strive to make our podcast one of the best bodybuilding podcasts for men, women and beginners by offering varied content which is relevant and interesting to all of our listeners. There will be a whole range of different formats of podcasts and we will mix things up as much as possible! We will have interviews with all kinds of guests, from professional bodybuilders and coaches to students and people who balance incredibly busy lifestyles with their commitment to fitness and working out; from the most experienced in the business to those who are fairy new to natural bodybuilding and are starting to find their way.

Natural bodybuilding in details

We will also place a lot of emphasis on having guests with a whole range of body morphologies on our podcast so that all of our listeners can find someone they relate to and can really share in their experiences. Hopefully many of you will be able to relate to what we discuss on the podcast and maybe even pick up some great advice from our guests on how they overcame certain issues that you may now be facing! 

Podcasts to understand all sorts of training

With each of our guests we will talk about a wide range of topics and pose plenty of questions to find out the information our listeners want to hear. You will be able to learn about their personal background, how they began their bodybuilding journey, their reasons for going natural and how they balance their workouts with day to day life. We will also discuss their approach to training, their views on strength training, hypertrophy training (training with the goal of building muscle mass and increasing the physical appearance of muscles) and hear about their preferred routines and training styles.

Podcasts to understand nutrition

As we all know, natural bodybuilding is by no means limited to the training so our podcast will deal with all aspects of a natural bodybuilders lifestyle – this includes nutrition tips to make the most efficient progress, how to successfully implement bulking and cutting phases (the process of increasing your calorific intake to be in a surplus to gain muscle mass, and then decreasing your intake to a calorific deficit in order to become more lean) and so much more!

Podcasts to discuss controversial subjects

Of course, we wouldn’t be NaturalFlex if we didn’t also broach some controversial subjects, so we’ll make sure there are plenty of interesting discussions about issues which are often ignored or considered to be taboo. As a natural bodybuilding podcast there will be a lot of information on the risks of performance-enhancing drugs and the numerous reasons why it is safe, healthier and all-round better to pursue natural bodybuilding. We won’t just stop at discussing PEDs though.

We will talk about a range of controversial topics that are often avoided to raise awareness and normalise open conversations about issues. Any controversial topic will lead to interesting discussions and it can actually be really beneficial to hear people with opposing views to your own explain their stance so we have no doubts that these sections will bring to light some important subjects and also raise some fascinating points that may have never occurred to you before!

Contact us to participate to a podcast

As we mentioned previously, the guests we will host will be from all walks of life as a true representation of natural bodybuilding and the vast range of people who take part in the sport. With that in mind, if you are a natural bodybuilder and want to share your story with us or have some interesting views you would like to discuss then please do not hesitate to send us an email!

Who better to feature as guests than some of our readers and followers? If that sounds like something you would be interested in then email us with some information about yourself, your experience with natural bodybuilding and why you think you’d be a great guest and what you could contribute to our listeners. We’d love to hear your stories and help share your knowledge with like-minded people.

Let us know what you’d like to hear

Similarly, if you have any topics you would like to hear discussed on our podcast or ideas for features you would find interesting and engaging then by all means, let us know and we will see what we can do! If there is someone you think would be particularly interesting to interview on the podcast, or certain questions you would like us to ask our guests then just let us know via email. We want the NaturalFlex podcast to be an additional source of information and entertainment for our community so any feedback or suggestions from our readers is welcome.

Thank you for reading this article on our upcoming natural bodybuilding and fitness podcast. If that all sounds like the kind of podcast that you would enjoy listening to and would be beneficial to you (and we’re pretty confident it will be beneficial to everybody!), then keep your eyes peeled and lookout for further announcements on the blog!