What’s Natural Flex? The missions

It can be hard to find the right information in the fitness industry – especially nowadays. Natural flex exists to introduce a new guiding voice for natural bodybuilding – one that prioritises the best training tips and guidance for natural bodybuilders and lifters.

Natural flex is a blog that gathers great content about natural bodybuilding and lifting weights. We cover everything the beginner natural bodybuilder needs: nutrition, training, mentality, recovery, and how to get the most out of natural bodybuilding. We focus on good training and lifestyle habits for the fastest, healthiest gains and the most consistent progress!

1) Cutting the misinformation about natural bodybuilding

It’s the 21 st century – you shouldn’t have to spend years learning through trial and error to figure out what works. Natural Flex is your resource – using my decade of experience in natural bodybuilding to bring you the benefit of old-man wisdom.

I have made plenty of mistakes so that you don’t have to! It’s easy to get lost with misinformation in the fitness industry – either from ‘influencers’ or steroid-users who have different needs to the average guy or girl in the gym. Social media isn’t a great place to learn your craft!

We stick to the tried and true – the stuff that works for normal people and brings aesthetic, wonderful natural physiques. There’s always a new fad or “magical” trick running around, and we break them down to what they’re all about, what works, what doesn’t, and how you should navigate the fitness industry.

Sometimes, the most effective approach is just the simple, common-sense stuff. We make it interesting, effective, and fun to go to what works – what’s more fun than getting results?

2) Bringing you the best information and perspective from the bodybuilding world in one place

Natural flex is about bringing you the best information for natural bodybuilding and lifting weights with a new perspective. We want to be your reference point for any questions or uncertainties training, dieting, mentality, recovery, or any of the other concerns that come with bodybuilding without steroids.

Whenever you feel lost in the mass of information on the web, you can come to us for the last word in what works and what’s marketing fluff! There will be interviews with natural lifters and bodybuilders that give us a chance to reflect on ideas and methods that we can all learn from. We’ll try and make sure that even the most elite bodybuilders’ methods teach you something for your own training!

3) Natural bodybuilding against PED and mental health issues

On this blog, we encourage bodybuilders going the natural way. It’s in the name. Performance enhancing-drugs have become very common around social media platforms. People can do what they want with their bodies, but we don’t promote steroid use on this site – especially in young and impressionable bodybuilding enthusiasts.

They’re dangerous and they often muddy the waters on training, diet, and lifestyle. We keep it healthy, simple, and sustainable with a focus on the methods and ideas that make natural physiques so impressive. There are natural ways to achieve an amazing physique – without kicking the shit out of your liver or heart!

A lot of people stagnate or fall into the trap of chasing unrealistic goals because their idols and role models are using PEDs, thus developing bigorexia and contemplating the use of steroid . We don’t support that, we instead offer a haven for natural-tested, natural-approved information and guidance! I hope you enjoy the content and improve in your natural bodybuilding and fitness journey!

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