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Natural Flex is an all-natural bodybuilding approach for busy individuals who have limited time to fit hours of training and research. This program is designed based on you and nobody else. Take your fitness journey to a greater level with 24/7 personal training assistance and achieve your greatest potential yet with our 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coaching.


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Arthur | 1- 1 Personal Trainer For Natural Bodybuilding

I’m Arthur, founder of NaturalFlex and your 1 on 1 natural bodybuilding coach online. I’ve been natural bodybuilding for nearly a decade. Starting from 4 hours a week my first year, to more than 20 hours a week of high quality training in recent years.

This has added up to more than 6,000 hours of training experience. My life revolves around working as a bodybuilding coach, building Natural Flex’s free information articles, and helping people improve their physiques in a reliable, natural, healthy way.

Hiring me as your personal trainer for bodybuilding is the road to a great results thanks to efficient planning.

My 1-1 online bodybuilding coaching lets me spread my expertise even more effectively than just articles by tailoring guidance and programs to your personal needs!




✔️ Coached By Arthur

✔️ Full Body Morphology Analysis

✔️ Fully Personalized Training Routine

✔️ Fully Personalized Dieting Plan


✔️ Exercise Form Checking

✔️ 24/7 Email Assistance, Everyday

✔️ 30 mns Call/Vision Once A Week to Answer Your Questions

✔️ 1h Call Every Month

What Happens When We Work Together For 1 on 1 Coaching ?

We go straight into your full personalized 1 on 1 coaching (nutrition, training) where I learn about you and your goals and explain you everything from the start.

That means support – every day, if you need it – and learning as well as improving.

Here at Natural Flex, we work with clients who have the discipline to show up. My job as your coach is to keep you motivated you and give you the right information you need to succeed.

I will be analyzing your body-morphology, prescribing efficient exercises, correcting your form, adjusting to your schedule, and working on your best shape yet. My goal is to provide a stress-free fitness journey that will give you great results.

This means that since our programs are personalized, you will not have to worry about falling behind or worry about committing to the wrong program.

Natural Flex is your program.

If you want a personal, transparent, and effective coaching program then you are in the right place.

I only accept a certain number of clients to ensure that I am adding value to your training.

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How we Achieve Good Natural Results through Natural Flex 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coaching

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend 6,000 hours like I did to achieve a transformation. You can get the benefit of this huge experience without the mistakes, or time that I put in.

Through this long journey, I have no regret: it has given me incredible insight on what works and what doesn’t. I pushed my experience to a very unique knowledge that I honestly can’t see a lot in other physical or online bodybuilding coaches in the fitness industry.

My experience of both high quality and high quantity training has helped me gather knowledge to now help clients get very good results by providing them with a very efficient training routine matching their lifestyle.

I’m a natural bodybuilding coach who ignores the hype, and puts client results before flashy gimmicks.

We work on effective and efficient workout systems that have been proven time and time again, and with as little as 2-3 hours a week to start seeing results.

We’re going straight to the point, to get you fast, yet realistic – natural results. This online bodybuilding coaching process is just as attentive as an in-person PT, with similar results and less cost.

The reality of most 1 on 1 coaching programs

Today, there are usually two choices you can make in the fitness industry when it comes to bodybuilding coaching:

  1. Get into something which sounds very exciting but doesn’t work ❌
  2. Get into a very well thought program which doesn’t sound as exciting and fancy but works insanely well ✅

Here is what is behind door number 1:

You get into something giving you false hopes. You do things which sound exciting, that are cool and new, and they don’t get you anywhere.

Here’s what happens with number 2:

You’re sick of not getting results, so you commit to the long-game. After a few sessions, you realise you could stick with this, and the results start coming. After a while, you wonder how more people don’t do it, and how it’s so easy to improve with the right methods.

You understand that what sounded like a “boring” and straight forward process is actually the road to a very exciting journey, because progress keeps happening – and nothing keeps you on the path like constant forward progress.

Patience builds momentum, which builds more momentum, which builds results.

Results make the process very exciting – you don’t need gimmicks when you’re getting better!

No False Hopes: How we do it differently at Natural Flex

The only downside of hiring me as your 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coach? No lies or false hope!

I won’t tell you that you can gain 30lbs of muscle in a month. We won’t work through impossible promises. We’ll do things right, work on your lifestyle, and get the best results possible!

That might not be glamorous, but you know what it is? Reliable!

There’s no way to get it wrong when you do it right and skip the hype. It’s a natural bodybuilding community based on honesty and a smart approach to real training. We start on a journey where you really know what to expect.

It will take some work to get to your goals, but you will get there. We’re taking things seriously and we make it stick, so you’re still getting better for years to come.

Transparency with Natural Flex 1 on 1 fitness online coaching

On this blog, I try to give as much free information as I can – information which you can use to build your own perfect routine. I will always try to keep giving as much free information as I can so you can learn and improve autonomously.

Let me be honest: with time, reflection and effort, anyone can learn bodybuilding and build an incredible physique with free content. So not everyone needs 1-1 personal training. I believe 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coaching should be for people who don’t have the time to learn the whole game.

It’s for anyone who wants to get good on their own schedule, or wants the benefit of direct coaching experience to improve their results and provide accountability and guidance.


How long does this 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coaching program last ?

My 1 on 1 online bodybuilding coaching is as long as it takes; as long as you want.

But whether this is 2 years, 6 months, or only 3 months… before we leave each other, you will have learnt everything you need to then be autonomous in planning your training.

That’s what good and honest about Natural Flex coaching!

How long can we work together for ?

We can work together until you reach a goal body, goal weight, or show. We can work together for the foreseeable future, if we’re a good fit and you’re happy with the process and results.

Again, you decide what’s good for you, we’re not here to keep you forever. We want you to have great results as quickly as possible.

When will I see bodybuilding results ?

I love coaching, and I set no specific timeline. I would recommend committing at least 2-3 months, however. The body transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and the more we work together, the more obvious the benefits will become.

It also depends from your starting point. Someone who is very lean might see results quickly as the muscle will easily show. If you’re starting at a relatively high bodyfat, this could take more time.

I will be able to give you more details when we have a free discovery call and let you know my opinion in your case.

Isn’t physical coaching better than online bodybuilding coaching ?

It’s true 1 on 1 physical coaching has its benefits, like being present to help correct your forms and having this direct social interaction between two individuals. But online coaching lets me perform many of these same focuses, but without the cost, scheduling, or need to go to the same gym. It’s also a beautiful thing to be able to help someone/be coached all from another country. Internet and online is not all bad when used for the good reasons.

From correcting your form to answering your questions on calls whenever you need it, that’s what online bodybuilding coaching is about.

How much does online bodybuilding coaching cost with Natural Flex ?

Please contact me if you’re interested, let’s find out if we’re a good fit first, and I will let you know about the pricing I offer for my online coaching. We cost way less than your average coach in your branch gym and provide way higher quality services (that’s my deep belief from what I know of branch PTs). Also, if you compare to most of what clients are willing to pay in big branches and for the quality service we offer, what we can tell you is that we’re not expensive.

What online bodybuilding coaches prices usually are ?

Online bodybuilding coaches prices vary, but the average cost of online coaching is pricey. You will find coaches that charge you worth 50-75$ an hour. The cost here at Natural Flex is twice as less. We’re also twice as less expensive as your average branch personal trainer who cost 40-50$ + an hour.

I mentioned 1 on 1 online coaching with Natural Flex means “fast results”, but what do fast results actually mean?

Your progress will be quick according to natural bodybuilding standards. It won’t be false hopes where you get steroid -like results, but it’s the next best thing. Fast natural results mean that your training is optimised as best as it can according to all the factors that surround you as a person. I basically aim to make you a program that is the very best you could ever create, meaning that you’ll always be doing your very best.

Smart, effective, consistent training means you’re able to gain muscle around 2lbs a month for the first year. As a beginner, these can go way higher, even double this amount during the first 3 months. It will be as quick as it can with the information you give to me (the time you have for training, your will to smash it at the gym).

Although it’s good to say I care about the end-result more than the timeframe: building an outstanding physique is a game of months and years, not weeks. My experience and knowledge will help you get quick results but, more importantly, amazing long-term ones.

In which languages is this one on one online coaching available ?

I can be your online coach in both French and English, as I am fluent in both. We can always adapt and see how we can do online coaching if we don’t speak the same languages. At Natural Flex we’re not afraid of obstacles to make people happy. We adapt.

What makes your 1-1 personal training for bodybuilding better than others ?

I am not going to claim some people don’t do as well as us or better, but I’m confident to say we’re just very serious with great attention to details and high natural bodybuilding expertise.

Meaning that it’s hard to find that somewhere else. You won’t find many personal training services with the same attention to detail! I know myself and people who work for Natural Flex, it’s just top-end service.

Starting to collaborate with Natural Flex is no joke.

The main points that characterizes your coaching experience with us:

  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Highly experienced bodybuilder coaching you
  • Everyday support to answer your questions
  • We thrive to give you all the tools and expertise so one day you can be your own coach
  • A body morphology analysis to find your right exercise selection for quicker natural results and avoid injuries in the long run
  • Our values: … honesty, hard quality work, reliability…
  • It gets as personal as it can which is the true answer to get your the best results (within the limits of privacy, of course)

One of the best thing about our coaching is that we think it’s crucial that one day, you can actually train by yourself and be your own coach. This coaching is not just changing your body, it’s having you become a knowledgeable lifter.

Over the months and through constant interaction, you will naturally become knowledgeable in natural bodybuilding and this will never feel like you’re taking a course.

You should one day be able to tell us: “thanks for the amazing progress, I will now keep improving on my own, because I have the tools for it”. You could always keep us if you just like it as it is, though!

I am too busy, how will I be able to train and get results ?

That’s the whole point, this coaching is specifically designed for individuals with a busy schedule.

Of course we accept everyone who wants to train with us.

But coaching busy people is what makes the most sense here at Natural Flex: to help busy individuals train in the most efficient way despite their busy schedule.

We prefer to coach people who do not have time to learn bodybuilding because that’s exactly what our expertise allows us to do: to build very efficient tailored programs despite a busy lifestyle and every day life obstacles you might face.

It’s hard to learn a whole new practice when you’re busy, it’s better to invest in something or someone who will help us learn much faster and get the results much quicker.

That is what is Natural Flex one on one coaching.

Can I do this online 1 on 1 coaching program without a gym ?

We want to be honest with you, we highly recommend our clients to join a gym, because we believe free-weights are the best way to get results. It doesn’t mean we won’t be able to help you with an at-home routine that gives results, because we have the knowledge for it. It just means we think we’ll get better results by joining a gym thanks to higher equipment scalability and diversity.

How is the support and how do you keep track of my progress ?

There is high communication between us. That’s how good coaching works and what builds trust between a client and his trainer. It’s terrible to see these PTs who barely communicate with their clients (who usually pay a high price, too…).

With our one on one coaching, you can send us emails on a daily basis and we have phone calls scheduled every week and month to answer all your questions and adjust the needs. You will receive vocal notes to your questions and be able to listen to them as much as you want!

What’s not to love?!

Moreover, we keep track of your progress with support documents (like excel) that we share together on a regular basis.

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