Arthur – The Founder of Natural Flex

Hi, I’m Arthur! I have been training in natural bodybuilding for almost a decade.

I started Natural Flex and I write most of the articles here – where I try to provide information, perspective, and education for people who want to build muscle naturally.

I try to bring out some of my own experience and opinions while discussing the important stuff:

  • The basics of training
  • What your natural bodybuilding journey might look like
  • Issues and news around natural bodybuilding – and bodybuilding in general
  • How to build muscle fast (or patiently!)
  • The fitness industry and some of the major characters in the fitness world
  • Mental health around bodybuilding – like ‘bigorexia’, gymtimidation, and gym-addiction
  • Getting into shape, burning fat, and getting conditioned

I love training and the discipline of natural bodybuilding – as well as life in the gym and the culture around bodybuilding.

The fitness industry can be overwhelming – there’s so much (mis)information out there and a lot of people are all façade. I want everything to be clear, honest, and accessible to beginners – the gym doesn’t need to be a daunting or complicated experience!

I’ve been through my own struggles as a skinny guy, then with bigorexia (for example) and there’s not much help out there. These experiences are why I want to talk to real-world bodybuilding enthusiasts who stay natural and the experiences and challenges they face.

Me then, me now – 9 years

Even worse, what I see today is a considerable rise in the use of performance-enhancing drugs. People are being sold products like SARMs without knowing their effects or being railroaded into drug-use early on in their lives and bodybuilding journeys due to over-inflated expectations or the hype of some less-than-responsible figures in the industry!

That’s why I decided to create Natural Flex: a place where we bring back a love for natural bodybuilding and aesthetics as well as mental health related to fitness. This is a place where we can gather and grow together while promoting natural bodybuilding!

You can head over to the blog to read articles on all kinds of topics where I offer my experience and perspective – and a little expertise – on a range of themes. They can inform, educate, and even inspire with stories about the best natural bodybuilders and how they’re building amazing physiques without drugs.

We’re always on the lookout for new participants – as guest posts or writers – who have something interesting to say! Get in touch with me any time and I’ll be happy to see what you have to say, your angles, and your thoughts – never hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re in the natural bodybuilding space and you think your message is important, let’s connect! If you think we’ve said something important, share that out to your people and let them know just how great natural bodybuilding can be! See y’all soon!

Liam Rodgers – Editing and Localising

Liam is our editor here – polishing up Arthur’s articles and pulling together the main themes of the work. He’s the native English voice for the site and the final pass for work before it lands on the blog. Liam has worked as a writer in the industry for 7 years after stumbling into professional writing – and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With interests in Olympic weightlifting, grappling sports, and high-performance training, he’s an asset to the site and the go-to man for checking if the fitness lingo works in English.

After 1000 years of frosty Anglo-French relations, it turns out we work pretty well together. You can reach him at where he writes for a wide array of clients, or for coaching and training wisdom.