Hi there, I’m Arthur! I have been training naturally for almost a decade.

Enjoying the lockdown

I write most of the articles here at Natural Flex, my main goal is to educate you about building muscle naturally and quickly! In my articles, I bring back the basics of training, and I focus on what matters – so you can learn to build muscle fast. I also talk about mental health. After spending a lot of time in the gym, I know the fitness industry pretty well, and I know the issues that can come with it, like bigorexia and gym addiction.

See, I find the fitness industry can be very overwhelming, there’s so much information flying around along with a lot of lies and sometimes fakeness too. I’ve been through my own struggles with things like bigorexia, for example. Unfortunately, mental health issues seem to be increasing rapidly on a large scale in the fitness industry. Even worse, what I see today is a considerable rise in the use of performance-enhancing drugs. People are being sold products like SARMs without knowing their effects, that’s how bad it can get.

That’s why I decided to create Natural Flex: a place where we bring back communication about mental health related to fitness, where we can gather and grow together while promoting natural bodybuilding! Feel free to read the articles which can benefit you on your fitness journey and read interviews from amazing athletes to inspire you. 

Me then, me now – 9 years

We’re always on the lookout for new participants who can bring value to this community, whether that’s bloggers, employees, or ambassadors – feel free to get in touch with me/us anytime!

Last but not least, if you like natural bodybuilding, feel free to share the articles and let me know your thoughts!

See y’all soon!