sets of 100 repetitions in bodybuilding

Natural steroid like results? sets of 100 repetitions!

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You might be familiar with the concept of sets of 100 reps, but if you are not, here is an article on how to use this powerful method!

You could call this type of work “back-end” work. The type of efforts which on the short term might not show their benefits but in the long run will do. 

How can sets of 100 reps help you?

Save your weaknesses 

If you have some muscles lagging that is when you can use the method doing sets of 100 reps.

Hundred is just a number but it is a high number which kind of represents how much volume in one set should be used in the explained method.

I named the title “natural steroid like” results because the work you are doing with sets of hundred could kinda remind us how steroids work with androgen receptors.

For example traps, shoulders and upper chest.

These muscles have shown in the past to have a very high concentration of androgen receptors. 

Androgen receptors have a part in muscle growth. We have our natural testosterone binding to these receptors which helps with muscle growth. 

These androgen receptors can’t tell the difference from our natural testosterone and the chemical one from steroids. 

When we take a high dosage of PEDs, these receptors are getting much more than they’re supposed to.

The shoulders and traps have a relatively high concentration of these receptors, so it is only normal that these muscle groups will have a huge response to the use of steroids!

Genetics and weaknesses

Your genetics just made it in a way that some muscles won’t react very well on your body.

Blame your parents!

And by doing sets of 100, you get these muscles to be responsive and learn how to feel them and contract them. You drive blood and testosterone in there which usually isn’t as easy to access.

Nutrients also get absorbed more easily in these areas by doing so..

By doing sets of 100 frequently we are not tiring our muscles too much but we are actively making them responsive. This is why it can be useful for weaknesses.

Your strong parts are already responsive so you are not facing the same problem.

Sets of 100 can be used between your sessions. 

When you are doing your real heavy sessions, you will then know how to contract and feel these weak muscles better on your heavy sets. 

They are prepared and ready to take on those heavy sessions!

Use sets of hundreds to reinforce any muscle

It doesn’t mean you just have to do it on weaknesses. The logic is that you don’t really need to get your strong muscles more responsive than they already are. But if you want to, you can then apply the same technique.

Some people say instead of focusing on weaknesses which will always remain weaknesses, you might as well fully focus on your strong parts. You can then apply sets of 100 to literally blast your strong parts. Your strong parts will be so good people will forget about your weaknesses! 

Ok, maybe not. But that’s an alternative. 

Use sets of hundred for small muscles.

Small muscles do not mean they’re weaknesses but they can be hard to recruit. Take as an example the brachialis for biceps. It’s such a hard muscle to feel and learn to contract. 

By doing very high rep sets, you can learn and then start scaling by then putting heavier to fully benefit from them. Other muscles where you can apply this technique other than for the brachialis are calves, rear delts, traps, forearms.

Sets of 100 reps on holidays or special occasions!

Special occasions might sound like we are talking about eating a cake. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we are talking about “eating” sets of hundred reps. By special occasions, we mean holidays or vacations.

Basically, if you don’t have much weight during holidays or if you can remember what a lockdown from 2020 is like… then you might want to consider using sets of 100 reps and do some work you just would not do normally in the gym.

When you’re not able to work on your main exercises or as efficiently with your usual pretty heavy weights then focusing on your weaknesses can be a great thing to do. Take advantage of a “bad situation“ and turn it into something positive which will pay off in the long term.

When to use sets of hundred reps in your routine

If you are using this technique to save your weaknesses, this means you won’t have to do it too often in your routine. We might be talking about 2 muscles. In a case we are talking about rear delts and your calves… Here is how to proceed:

Let’s say your routine looks like:

Monday: Chest/ sets of 100s for rear delts/Biceps

Tuesday: calves if you wish (you better wish!)

Wednesday: Back/ sets of 100s rear delts/ Triceps

Thursday: rest

Friday: Legs/ heavy sets for calves/abs

Saturday: Shoulders/heavy sets of rear delts

Sunday: sets of 100s for calves

The main goal is to try and do these high repetitions sets as much as possible in a week without using them too close to your normal sessions targeting the same muscle.

Any questions?

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