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Steroid and testosterone forums: take a step back

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Hi there! Maybe you are just someone who likes to read about bodybuilding or read about steroid related subjects… Maybe you are someone who genuinely needs TRT replacement and randomly came across this article…

Or you might be someone looking to take performance-enhancing drugs to boost your physique. Well, in any of theses cases, I am glad you’re here reading this article, because I think it’s pretty important!

You could share this article and help persuade someone to not make a decision which could lead to some irreversible consequences. So whoever you are, please keep reading! 

This article discusses the forums related to steroids, testosterone, PEDs… 

There will of course be good forums out there where you can discuss your post-testosterone replacement experience as part of your recovery from a disease, or because you reached a certain age and actually made the decision to have this treatment, which is understandable.

(There are also great natural bodybuilding forums like ours, if you need it!)

The issue in my opinion is that most of these forums will encourage uninformed people, beginners, to take steroids or testosterone just to get better results. If that’s really what you want, fair enough, but these are really the places where the black-market and uneducated sellers hang out, they don’t really care about you, they just want to push their products to sell out.

A bit of context: Steroid use is rising

Statistics have been shown over 3% of people in the world have taken steroids in their lifetime. This statistic is even higher for men alone at 6%.

The Jerusalem post even confirms some scary numbers:

A good majority of people taking steroids these days are young

A good majority of steroid users in the fitness industry are quite young. When I say young, I am not just talking about people in their 20s but also people who are in their 30s, 40s or even 50s. 

Most steroid users will say these drugs are not that dangerous but most of them using them are also very young. This means they are still tough and resistant! Even though most majority will usually face complications not long after starting to take these products, some will resist for long enough and claim there are no dangers. Truth is, the issues might just show later on in life when you are most at risk of developing illness and diseases.

This is where the big issue is. There is that guy’s friend taking steroids at 22 years old and is totally fine so logical thinking tells us that steroids are not that dangerous. These are just temporary results as well. What’s the point of taking steroids if the gains won’t be permanent?

The issue with steroids or testosterone forums

Those forums are full of people who might haven’t faced yet the very harsh consequences these drugs can present. Then, you have hundreds and thousands of threads created for these drugs making it look like we are just shopping for haribos. Imagine if you are starting the gym and are struggling to make initial gains because you don’t know how to filter the right information and… you come across one of these forums. 

You will come across some SARMs threads talking about these “legal steroids” which won’t cause the negative effects of steroids. You buy your first bottle of oral steroids online, then try them out thinking these are just supplements like protein powder.

What’s next if you are unlucky?

You keep on taking them and one day you have erectile dysfunction, you lose your hair, or develop cancer… 

It is utterly shocking that there are hundreds of websites selling steroids that will be delivered to your door the next day. What the hell is going on? Nowadays you join Facebook groups to improve your physique in a natural way and you have guys joining the group and sending private messages talking about these SARMs as supplements to make a quick buck, not caring about endangering teenagers. It’s revolting!

It’s growing at a rapid pace

These online communities keep growing and this is a real issue considering that every single day it affects more and more people. It’s been a few years already since SARMs appeared and began doing damage to so many people and we can only assume it is going to last for a long time.

If you are really going to take performance-enhancing drugs and there is nothing that will dissuade you from doing so, some of these steroid anabolic bodybuilding forums might be helpful. But that’s not for the majority of people who did not intend to come across this kind of forums in the first place.

A lot of steroid forum users are sellers themselves

There are a lot of people who will chat in the threads and promote the benefits of certain drugs and describe a “great experience” they’ve had, but they are in fact sellers inventing stories. There will be sellers hanging around there with “proven” credibility like on all forums. You are showing that “credibility” through karma or likes or whatever the system is. Drug dealers will confirm anything you ever wanted to hear to make a sale.

Final words: The scandal of SARMs websites

If you aren’t too busy, share this article because it is important to raise awareness. If you are a fitness enthusiast and active on Instagram, you might have seen advertisements for SARMs. Unaware people then go and question the products in the comments and the advertising page always responds as if these are just supplements that will help you get great results with no effects.

You can easily spot that these people asking the questions are newbies by checking their profile. They are getting started and looking for some good supplements to help them along with their journey. We are not talking about just one website, but dozens of websites selling these pills every single day.

If you were on your way to buy steroids, I hope that can help making a more informed decision. Stick around this site, I will do my best to provide you with the best tips on how to build muscle naturally and FAST!