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Are you into natural fitness? Do you have an experience you want to share? Are you trying to get more attention on your fitness writing and want to post it on Natural Flex?

If you think you can help our readers and offer an interesting perspective, we’d love to hear from you.

First, here are the essentials for guest posts:

  • A minimum of 1900 words – short articles are rarely posted
  • Relates to topics of fitness, health, bodybuilding, nutrition, etc. (Some articles on the industry and its relation to mental health are also considered)
  • Includes relevant citations or evidence for any hard-scientific claims
  • Accords with basic concepts of physiology (no chakras or esoteric wisdom)

If you’re struggling to make sense of our guidelines, just read the blog. We put out work that represents what we’re about and our mission and values are clearly defined.

We’re about natural bodybuilding done well, with a sustainable and healthy approach!

We have tight editorial standards here Natural Flex, with a dedicated editorial team and clear training philosophy. We’re here to educate people and offer them something they can take home, use, and see results with.

All guest post articles will be vetted for style and claims to make sure they are well-researched, offer a useful perspective, and are suitable to our audience. We use guest writer articles as a way to – first and foremost – bring new and interesting expertise to our audience. You don’t need to have academic credentials to write for us, but any real-world or formal expertise you have can be included in your writer bio.

In return, you can get the opportunity to get recognised as an expert in your field and
drive interest back to your website or socials.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and let us know:

  • Your name
  • The topic of your article
  • A rough estimate of your word count
  • The author description (description of yourself which will be featured at the bottom)
  • A draft for review if you’ve got it ready to go

Please note that submission does not include an implicit guarantee of publishing and we will be screening drafts before publishing. We are able to copy-edit for you if there are small stylistic or content-editing changes required.

We hope you get in touch and will be excited to hear from you all.

We look forward to hearing from you!