young bodybuilders and steroids

Are young bodybuilders taking risks with steroids?

Like any drugs, steroids come with risks. In my opinion, steroids are dangerous. Yes, some people can take steroids more safely than others because they are more resistant to these drugs. The truth is, there is a considerable number of bodybuilders who we don’t hear about after their careers have ended. We only focus on them when they are successful, earning medals and trophies as that’s what we mediatise most today.

Currently, bodybuilding is more about Instagram algorithms showing you the “best” bodies out there (“incredible” enhanced bodies or “extraordinary” booties with implants) and not much else. This type of media can have a direct impact on our generation, causing the development of bigorexia, insecurities, and eventually can lead to some people trying illegal substances to overcome these issues.

This article aims to give an opinion on the fact that young bodybuilders might be more at risk today than in the past when getting into fitness and when it comes to steroid use.

1- Why young bodybuilders of our generation are more likely to have serious health issues in years to come

A considerable number of people are taking steroids these days. Steroids might not have a direct negative effect on short term health, although it certainly can, it can sometimes take several years before the negative health impacts begin to show.

I believe that in a decade, we could see a lot of articles and social media pages talking about these very young bodybuilders who will be facing health difficulties.

Most of these bodybuilders don’t even play in the professional league; they are just looking to get big quickly. We already see this happening today. Every week or so, we see some bodybuilders or amateurs in their 30s dying of a sudden heart attack.

There is a chance young bodybuilders could be resistant to the drugs and that the steroids aren’t showing their effects yet. In the next decade, we will likely see some of the biggest freaks in bodybuilding, those who have the will to succeed and easy access to performance-enhancing drugs. But this will also come at a cost for a lot of bodybuilders.

In some cases it already has, we see on social media a lot of young bodybuilders frequently suffering poor health conditions. Unfortunately, we are getting so used to it that no one is doing much about it.

2- Why are these the young bodybuilders from the millennial generation that are going to pay for it

Most of the people using social media platforms are young people. Social media indirectly targets these people with constant lies, unrealistic bodies and drug sellers. People could say that everyone is responsible for their own choices, and it’s true, but the influence is also real. 

Too many people regret taking performance-enhancing drugs once health complications arise. The current climate is insane and pushes people to go that route; the problem is it’s not just professional bodybuilders, steroids are becoming recreational drugs for the everyday gym-goers too!

As fitness is growing in popularity and most of us have an Instagram account, we find ourselves in an environment which can quickly become toxic.

3- Sellers on social media platforms

Even if you try to avoid the world of performance-enhancing drugs, it can find a way to you. I signed up to a natural bodybuilding forum and received a sponsored email from them redirecting me to a site selling steroids. It sucks, in my opinion.

I go on Facebook, and I receive invitations from people obviously selling PEDs. 

All you need to do is take a look at their Facebook profile to realise they’re drug sellers.

You cannot join a Facebook group about fitness and have fun sharing with your friends without having a guy inviting you to be his friend so he can promote the steroids he sells.

I get that every week.

4- TRT or the “new cool trend”

Is TRT considered being natural? If you look at Social Media, that’s precisely what it seems we should think. Since TRT is not exactly like taking a big steroid cycle as if people don’t consider that it’s dangerous. Sadly, that’s not the case. 

TRT can be dangerous, and it is not for everyone. The influence of this new TRT trend will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the fitness community. It’s a bit like SARMS where we diminish their effects and talk about them like they’re steroids without the side effects. We’ve got to be careful with these. 

TRT can be seriously dangerous, don’t fall for it.

Anti-ageing is an exciting aspect, and I have no doubt that it will develop in the future, but TRT is not really anti-ageing: it gives you a boost that you are not “naturally” supposed to get, and usually, that sort of thing comes at a cost. 

Understandably, you might want to take TRT if you have low testosterone levels or if you are getting older and would prefer to take the risk and enjoy the rest of your life like you’re 20 years old. But what we see nowadays are people thinking about TRT just because they need to be “on top” in all situations.

5- Within the steroid world, false ideas are circulating

Although I don’t advocate steroid use, there is a better way to take steroids if you are going to do so. The best champions in the world do take a lot of these substances, even if some will say 1000ml of one of these substances is not huge, it is an insane amount to the average human.

The best champions aren’t the ones who take the most; some of them take relatively “low” doses compared to what some amateurs take. The best bodybuilding champions have the right genetics and usually train hard in the gym, whether they are taking steroids or not. Amateurs that don’t have great genetics for the drugs and may not train very hard could lead them to think that more steroids are better. 

That is an issue because that is not true, but the more we view social media, the more this is what we end up believing. The drug sellers also want to sell as much as they can, so they will tell amateurs to take much more than they should, which is a real danger.

6- What’s to do about it?

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