Is Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics natural?

This article is about Jo Lindner, aka Joesthetics, who is a bodybuilder/fitness ambassador for Vanquish Fit. This article is about the recent videos he made on his “natty or not” status.

1- Jo Lindner has revealed not being natural

In a recent video, Jo Lindner/Joesthetics has said that he is not natural.

He told his audience he had to make a video about it because he was getting tired of all the people questioning his natty status or not. 

He mentioned you could hear a bit of everything on his case and that he wanted to tell “the truth” so he can finally stop the trolls from commenting about his status.

Most people in the industry already knew that he was using something, but this video is an end to all doubters.

In his video, Jo Lindner did not seem very happy. He mentioned that people would often call him out for taking very “high” dosage of steroids and that taking PEDs is silly.

He explained his story about why one day he decided to take performance-enhancing drugs; Jo went on to say that it was a pretty bad idea and that he would not recommend it to anyone.

2 – What is good about Joesthetics reveal on not being natural

Jo Lindner does not just reveal the truth about not being natural, he highlights interesting points which warn the viewers of the potential dangers steroids represent. One thing which can be quite problematic is when influencers reveal their non-natty status and don’t say anything further about it.

But here, that is not the case. Joesthetics highlights that he wishes he had not made this choice. He says that he was naive and had been influenced by peers who just wanted to make a quick buck selling their products. In some ways, he might not regret it as it has brought him fame and a business! But the average “Joe” (great joke) won’t usually become Joesthetics because they start using PEDs.

One reason he is still on using them is that after he had tried them for a while, unfortunately, he had health issues and was forced to stay on at least, TRT, to maintain normal levels. He reminds us again that taking steroids can turn out to be a silly idea – for example, using them only to get bigger is not a good enough excuse.

He also highlights the fact that he does not take much of the substances; this reminds us that your genetics are also important in terms of how well you will respond to the drugs. Some people will never achieve his physique because they simply do not have the right genetics to take steroids. It is a Russian roulette game which you do not want to play!

Also, Jo Lindner probably spends a lot of time in the gym daily and trains a lot!

3- What we should remember from Jo Lindner’s YouTube video

  • PEDs are not safe, taking them is probably not a good idea
  • The influence to take PEDs is powerful, so watch out
  • PEDs do help people with good genetics, but not everyone will respond well
  • PEDs can get addictive or impossible to stop once you’ve encountered health issues
  • Jo Lindner is not natural but has a very aesthetic physique, which he mentions you can still have naturally on a smaller frame if you work hard

There is no hate or anger to have against people using steroids. I say that because as a natural bodybuilder, I had a period when I was angry. Angry to see some people sell their products, lying to their audience or that some people get results quicker and “cheat”.

But after all, we all have our experiences in life, and we don’t all choose the same path. What’s important to understand is that in most cases, even people who use steroids regret it. The goal of this article is to remind us that it is crucial to be careful and think twice before starting to take such products.

Stay safe and think twice!